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Modern Design With PLANTZ

What does it mean when we discus interior design terms such as Modern? Modern is a vast category that is essentially taking other stylistic choices and putting a Mid-Century spin on them. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing to decorate in a modern style. What you are attempting is the creation of an elevated and contemporary atmosphere with a sophisticated color palette. What people do not realize they can do with modern style, is utilize different plants to elevate to that level of sophistication and class that you see within many different modern designs in the everyday home.

Modern is all about staying current. The goal is to create a refined look without being too matchy matchy, but still having a cohesive trend. One way to go about this is to try going for light or soft colors within the room and then adding a fresh pop of color to draw some new attention to a boring corner or empty spot in the room. This can also include spicing up monotone furniture choices. In this case, we suggest doing that pop of color with a plant!

Plant Coloring

Plants do not have to be the classic green you are thinking of right in this moment. There are a variety of different plants that can add that pop of color you are looking for that are not your generic green.

For example, consider doing one of the Janet Craig Limelight plants. This is not your ordinary, run of the mill green… The Janet Craig Limelight plant will not only be a showstopper, but it will really add the brightness to any colorless room, giving it that twist from traditional and basic to modern and upscale. It is called Limelight for a reason and lime is the best color to describe it so it will surly make a strong statement.

If green still is not your thing, try a Dracena Marginata Colorama! This plant is actually pink. Yes, you heard us right… PINK! You want color?  You got it!  This plant is known for its pink and green leaves that are sure to leave your room the envy of all your friends. To keep on the trend of color, add different accent colors of pink around the room to match your pink plant to create a more cohesive feel and look to your room. Choose from throw pillows, to wall décor adding just the right amount of pinky tones across the board to change the game in modern design. This will for sure leave your space looking classy and chic. Just know that the Colorama will need moderate to high amounts of natural light to keep the color intensity up, so make sure to seek out a bright spot next to the window for this special plant.

Another option if you still want to stick with the green but need an extra oomph, try the Dracaena Marginata Kiwi plant. Similar to the Colorama, just differing in color, this one is known for its bright yellow and green leaves that are known to resemble the inside of a kiwi fruit and let’s face it… who doesn’t love a kiwi! Add this plant to the room if you want to add in more of your yellow accent colors to make your space upscaled but still fun and funky.

In the end you still can’t go wrong with your tried and true strong green color combinations as well, so any plant truly is a great addition to a modern home design. Lean on white and black as your base colors and avoid the creams and tans that we so commonly saw throughout homes in the 19th century, to elevate your home style to the modern category.

Pot Selections

Plants aside, you can still elevate your space with pots that you choose for your plant as well. When choosing pots, stick with something sleek. It is important to keep it monotone so that plant color can really be one of the biggest pops within the room and the true star of the show. We suggest integrating in your blacks and whites here and doing singular colored pots so your plant truly has its moment to shine.

A cylinder or something with sharp edges has a very modern and updated feel to it, while still remaining classic and sleek.

Natural Light

The next thing to consider when doing modern design is let in some strong natural light. Reasons why… It creates a more modern ambiance, you can see the crisp and clean contrasts between white, black, and color, when in some natural light and it is good for your plants too! The more light for most of these plants the better they will prosper.

Modern styles are all about creating a more expansive look to a room, so it is a good idea to keep plants in corners and away from center of the room to continue to add to that aesthetic expansive and minimalistic vibe. It also is important to keep them close to a window in the room as well. Something people commonly forget is that modern style also tends to be minimalistic.

The contrast of an earthy and natural plant against metals or light airy colors will really help elevate your modern vibe, because modern truly is all about juxtapose and contrast. You do not have to sacrifice your real plants for the upscale modern vibe of today, so consider that while restyling your new space and go with the authentic real plant route for your new modern style!

If you want to see some more examples of modern design in action and styled with our very own PLANTZ, shift through the pictures below to gather all your home interior design inspiration. Also do not forget to tag us on social media in all your plant and design endeavors, because we want to see them and help you find your perfect plant match!



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Modern Interior Design
Modern Design with Indoor Plants
Modern Interior Design
Modern Design with Indoor Plants