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Just Like Christmas Morning

“Tarzan arrived happy and so healthy!!!!!! I can’t believe he’s over 6 feet tall WOWWWWWWWWW! He looks great!!

The quality of your plants is always consistent. Every time I unpack a new plant, I feel like it’s Christmas morning.” -Louise

Tarzan Tree
Tarzan in Naples

Our friends in Naples are always looking for a new plant to join their family, and we are so grateful that they choose to keep the Plantz siblings together!

We look forward to seeing her plantz every time.

Louise just sent us pictures of her newest treasure! Her Tarzan is huge and handsome as ever alongside her Lisa Cane! It fits into this home (and fantastic planter) perfectly!  Thank you, Louise!!

Tall Lisa Cane in Colorful Planter
Lisa Cane Towering in Colorful Planter