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Industrial Doesn’t Mean No Green Thangs

The industrial style is most commonly seen in lofts and apartments, but it can also be used as a design theme for your home as well. One thing that is a common misconception is that plants cannot be a part of the industrial design, but truly the industrial look is all about the stark contrasts you can create, so why not contrast your harsh metals with some green and delicate PLANTZ!

Yes, less is more in this design, but it is still very calculated and cultivated. Think large open spaces with bold green accents to really show that unambiguous contrast between metals and living things. An element of industrial interior design is having a roughness to the interior creating an edgy feeling. A lot of the design elements can be attributed to the history of the materials being used and how they are so construction based. It truly creates a unique character to any space. You will commonly see people knock down walls and dividers in traditional places because of the lack of openness. This design is truly focused on being open concept with minimal bells and whistles.

Something else great about industrial style is the desire for the room to have natural light within and guess what… that is super great for your plants too, so greenery and this interior design style are the perfect match! Large and rare shaped windows are a very prevalent element of modern industrial design and really will help your plants thrive, as long as your space includes this crucial piece, we suggest plants that need moderate to high light that will thrive in this lighting arrangement, giving you a wider selection to choose from, one of the classic favorites being the Fiddle Leaf Fig, which would be perfect looks-wise for the industrial design, but also great if there is plenty of light. Lots of light is truly a must in this decorating style of industrial and for a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree to survive, making this pair a match made in heaven.

Here are some great suggestions that stick with the industrial style theme and are in need of large amounts of indoor light that might just be your perfect industrial fit as well.

The Ficus Microcarpa, this one will give the Fiddle Leaf Fig a run for its money and even make it a little green with envy. It needs a lot of light and an occasional rotation, but it will really add to the unique and clean-cut look of the industrial style if you want to stand out from the crowd of plant owners with Ficus Lyratas- Fiddle Leaf Figs, since they are so popular. It is also known to drink a good amount of water too, so we recommend our PlantAssure sub-irrigation system, but with good light and the right watering regimen, it is sure to keep going and growing for you beautifully while making a bold yet classic statement.

Check out the Ficus Microcarpa


Another option is the Kentia Palm. Known for its elegance, it will be the perfect contrast piece to go with your other industrial elements that are harsher and sturdier, softening the room up just a smidge. The Kentia Palm roots are cultivated with lava rock giving it the strength and capability to live longer, so this plant is in it for the long haul. Also, what better fit for an industrial room than a plant that came from LAVA, a true rock material. The difference between this and the Ficus Microcarpa is that this plant can go nearly a month between waterings. For our friends that want to be a plant parent but are not the most attentive caregivers, this plant is truly right up your alley.

Click This Link to Find your Kentia Palm


Speaking of lava rocks, focus on rough finishes during this design. Lean on reclaimed wood since it has a rough element to it. If the wood is not the avenue you want to explore, then try concrete. As a matter of fact, one of the easiest ways to incorporate this material into your theme is through different planters. Our Strong Clay Planters come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and give you the concrete look and feel all while housing your very own plant that is supposed to be your industrial contrast, placing them side by side to truly see the different dynamics in action. Also, this is a way to bring in the concrete looking element, that industrial is known for into the home without hefty expense.



You have the option between radius bottoms, small or large, and square planters as well when it comes to the clay pot option. This is a lot more of an affordable way to create an industrial effect without large scale structural changes to your home. Commonly people will change their flooring in industrial style to add the concrete element, but instead, just add in concrete through easy and movable objects to exude that same message of industrial and construction vibes without the expense and hassle of altering the structure of your home. With no large-scale cosmetic changes to your home you are saving money, and making it easier to change styles in the future if you choose to do so. Also, this is a great option for renters if you cannot alter too much of your space, due to lack of ownership. Decorating as a renter can be challenging, we are here to make it a little easier.

The Perfect Industrial Element

Keeping with the topic of that open floor plan and unique flooring, be sure to remember to avoid the use of rugs and carpeting. The softer materials are supposed to show up in a different form and are not an aspect of this design. Ditch those fuzzy blankets and more voluptuous looking plants and keep with items that have sharper edges and appear rough and tough. The softer side for the design comes from color. Neutral tones, whites, and lighter shades of gray are what soften up the floors and metal figures in the environment. This gives you plenty of freedom to keep a uniformed look but also play with the unique furniture you can collect and experiment on more of a retro design with the décor you chose to have laying around.

Décor wise, how can you jazz up your industrial theme a tad while still sticking with the vibe? Although you do want to keep this look quite minimalistic, adding different metal wall fixtures to your blank white walls is a classic way to make the space feel less empty. Take the corner where your plant is placed and make it the style corner where you contrast all your different design elements in one place, really capturing the eyes of your guests. Make that corner a piece of art by adding metal décor and various pieces surrounding your very green contrasting plant. This will have your guest drawn to this space in the room so they can really admire your design style and your wonderful new plant making you look like a true interior design professional! Give that plant the spotlight it deserves and raise it up on a pedestal.

Some Further Ideas on Decor


Want to get creative but stay on trend? Brick is a huge aspect of the design as well but can be used in unconventional ways. Skip the plant stand and place your planter on some stacked bricks, elevating it to new heights! A non-frivolous and flashy way to bring in more materials but is still being used and not just space-wasting decor.

Not into the brick as much? Do you plan on having wooden accents in your industrial space? Add in some wooden plant stands then, keeping with the theme and contributing minimalistic but essential décor. Anything that is no-frills and simplistic/utilitarian décor is a win in the industrial design book. Check out our plant stands that bring the wood material in to the space and do a seamless job of elevating your plant off the floor!

Try a Wood Planter Stand

Industrial style is great for bachelor pads, young adults, or city living. In the end industrial is all about mixing different minimalistic styles, light spaces, and utilizing construction like objects such as piping. So why not mix plants and green with neutral utilitarian objects such as woods and metals. Exposure is key. Exposed materials while keeping the design elements to a minimum and not cluttering the space will transform your home. One larger plant will do just fine in this design and the statement, less is more could not be truer in this scenario. Create the unfinished look of your dreams with the industrial style. A style truly only explored and executed by the bold.

Something else we here at PLANTZ  just love about the industrial design nature is that it is actually environmentally conscious. Who knew a home design could be beneficial to the planet!! Many materials you can use for the design can come from reused and recycled materials. Spend time repurposing old materials to be your raw and rough edges. Also the more plants you bring into the room for this design, the better oxygen flow for your space as well, due to the health benefits that certain plants can bring for your air quality and overall warding off unwanted bacteria and viruses.

Next, let us not forget that you should not have any plush fabrics. Keep things as non-fluffy looking as possible. Let the texture come from your plants. Speaking of the tactile senses, what about the visual of plants and their silhouettes. Silhouettes can be a unique attribute to the industrial design. Most shapes in the industrial style are sharp edges and square. That is why we encourage a twist on this normal rule. Leave the cool shapes for your plants that stray from the normal clean-cut lines. Here are some plant suggestions with unique silhouettes.

Try out the White Bird of Paradise. This plant is the silhouette of pretty much anyone’s dreams. Bringing elegance to the harsh elements within the room it is sure to be a showstopper in an industrial home and stand out for its long stems and large voluptuous leaves. Stick this beauty in a square concrete planter, and BOOM! Industrial style to the max.

Dreamy White Bird

Another option is the Snake Plant or the Sansevieria. The straight-up leaves of this plant have the utilitarian look your whole home is taking shape into. The Snake Plant is so special creating a unique look to any home, let alone the industrial style. The leaves stick straight up from the soil in a cluster and have unique coloring and patterns to them. This is a highly recommended plant that takes very little care, for the not so green thumbs of the group.

Try Out This Low Maintenance Show Stopper

Lastly, investigate the idea of utilizing the ZZ Plant. This has a different type of leaf, and a lot of them, that could create very intricate shadows across the room during different times of the day. A true beauty of a plant, and once again very very low maintenance for all of you struggling to keep your plant babies alive! This one is sure to shine in the silhouette department.

The Leaves on the ZZ Plant are Incredible


Taking on this new home project, we are glad to assist in any way we can on the plant and plant accessory front. This article was just scraping the surface of some of the many unique characteristics that go into designing for the industrial look. Home design is a hefty project that, believe us, we do not take likely.  We just hope that our plants and plant accessories can aid in making the process more enjoyable and beautiful for you, because here at PLANTZ we believe every home needs some plants in it. There is a place for plants in all different home styles and the barren, stark design of Industrial style is no exception, we hope that you have a better understanding now of how to navigate the interior design category of industrial!

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