Indoor Plants From the Internet: A Great Choice!

Indoor Plants From the Internet: A Great Choice!

After searching in-person stores for the perfect plants for her home, Elizabeth Bugbee turned to the internet to help her in her quest for the right indoor plants. She found our website, and was glad she did! Elizabeth had this to say about her experience with PLANTZ:

“After months of searching local nurseries for a perfect, tall houseplant and not finding anything that looked halfway decent, I took a shot in the dark and took to the internet to search. I knew NOTHING about and honestly was a little skeptical at first. Plants through the mail? How could that even be possible! But the resources and information available were so thorough that my gut told me they were legit and knew their product. I ended up purchasing two plants! When they arrived I was shocked at how well packaged they were. The boxes had been banged up a bit but the plants were completely unharmed. Unpacking them was a breeze (I even did it alone with no problem) and the instructions provided to start things off were excellent. Overall, this was a great experience and I’d definitely buy from them again. “

Check out these wonderful photos of Elizabeth’s new Lisa Cane and Monstera in her home! Thank you so much for your nice words and for taking a chance on plants from the internet, Elizabeth!

If you would like to have your very own indoor plants shipped directly to your door, visit our online shop here!