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I Love Amazon

There’s a lot to love about Amazon – it’s an awesome online buying experience with an extravagant array of products that can be delivered in a very, very short period of time – sometimes in the same day.  And, if you’re a Prime member, like me, there are even more options for getting goods in your hands quicker than anyone could have imagined just a few short years ago.  It has changed the landscape of many retail models and continues to add products and services that will put additional pressures on traditional distribution channels. 

While there’s plenty to love about buying goodies on Amazon, selling on it is a different story.  And I’m asked nearly every day “why aren’t you selling plants on Amazon?”  Truth is, we tried; but the parameters placed on delivery times became unsustainable for us.

You see, our top priority is getting a healthy, great-looking plant to your doorstep in a reasonable amount of time and we’ve developed industry-leading packaging and shipping techniques to do that. This means it may take few days to process plants and make sure they’re ready to ship.  There are a number of factors we consider when preparing a shipment, including 1) soil moisture (we can’t ship it if it’s just been irrigated and is too wet), 2) anticipated time in transit (we try to avoid shipping very long distances when your plant may spend a Sunday in a FedEx location), and 3) your weather (yep, if it’s expected to be very hot or very cold in the destination location, we will hold a shipment for more favorable conditions).

Our “seller agreement” with Amazon did not allow us to take these factors in to consideration and it compromised our ability to achieve our goal of landing a beautiful plants on customers’ doorsteps – so we stopped selling on Amazon.

There are other companies selling plants on Amazon and I wish them luck.  If you’ve ordered a plant from us or you’re considering it, you won’t find a company who’s more fanatical about getting a plant to you in great condition, and that means the plant needs to be ready for the trip.

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Steve Stanford