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Health Happiness Activity – With PLANTZ

In a world gone crazy, we want to keep everyone a little more sane. PLANTZ is here to bring you the calming qualities of indoor plants to sooth you and bring peace during your quarantined time at home and we hope long afterward as well because we believe in the power of plants.

What are some ways plants can help right now?

Health. Happiness. Activity. All three of those things are important now more than ever. Let’s dive into how those three can make a difference in your life all through PLANTZ.


Let’s talk about plants and health. Did you know that plants actually benefit your health and can help prevent illness? Two words, air quality. With viruses and bacteria floating around our air and sticking to surfaces, the air quality of your home is more important than ever. We are seeing not only the Coronavirus but still the common flu and allergy season is at its peak and no real defense besides Lysol wipes and hand sanitizers, which are a rare commodity right now. There are many plants that help with the air quality, ridding toxins, and helping keep the air space clear and free of pollution that can irritate like an allergy or even make you sick.

One of the best plants for this happens to be one of our newer arrivals, the Snake Plant, or its botanical name Sansevieria. Since this plant is used to dry climates and soil where it originates from, it is also one of the easiest plants to take care of on top of being great for your air quality! What the Snake Plant does is essentially filter the indoor air converting carbon dioxide into oxygen overnight.

This plant is also one of the easiest plants to take care of, so you are being healthy basically without lifting a finger! Sansevieria has the ability to absorb toxins such as benzene, xylene, cancer-causing pollution, formaldehyde, and toluene, just to name a few. This plant never stops working to protect you against allergens and any other airborne toxins, so it truly is a great investment.

Being stuck inside all day has really pushed indoor plants to be such huge aids in our health and have given them such a larger purpose than just “decoration”. They truly have become essential to people and should be included in any household.

Check out the Snake Plant and more facts about it here: Snake Plant


The Snake plant is also called Mother in Law's Tongue



Next, let’s move on to your happiness because happiness and your physical health are uniquely intertwined. Whether you are self-quarantining by choice or by mandate we know the toll it is taking across the nation on people’s sanity and mental health. Mental health and inner peace are just as important as staying physically well. No happy mind; no happy life. The prediction of an increase in suicidal thoughts and depression is something pressing on all mental health professionals’ minds currently. Plants are proven to foster a mentality of peace and Zen while also bringing a purpose to people, just like a pet or child would. Another living thing that requires care and attention, just like you.

Physical health is obviously a hot topic and more important than ever right now, with an opportunity to get active with nothing else to do but be at home, but it is important that we do not forget our mental health as we attend to the physical. Studies continuously show that plants actually make people happier – now that’s a study we can get behind!  In times of stress and chaos, plants are known to have calming qualities and relieve stress. They also present the opportunity for distraction in these times of isolation, giving people something to do and something to care for, so actually making us happier human beings! Online shopping has also become an addiction across the states lately as well, turn your excessive shopping into something that benefits you in multiple ways, not just empty purchases that serve no extra meaning to your life.

All things green and aesthetic attribute to the feelings of peace and wholeness. So why not invest in some plant buddies for your own sanity, mental health, and HAPPINESS. Turn your home into a jungle sanctuary, so you feel transformed into another space. The more plants, the better the air quality, the cozier the home, the more you will feel at peace!

Here are some plant suggestions we think would make you jump for joy!

Spice up your life with not just the typical green plant, let’s try a color. How about pink?! You bet; we suggest you try out our Marginata Colorama that is actually pink! How much more unique can you get than a pink plant. This plant needs low light to moderate natural light, so it is great for your living room next to a window, and it comes in two different sizes so you can find your best fit. It also has unique leaves that stand out and create a dynamic shape. If you are looking for a happiness booster, what is better than pink. Between pink and yellow those are universal happy colors, making the Marginata Colorama one great option for a little serotonin boost.

Shop Marginata Colorama

Colorama Marginata


Another great mood booster option is the Warneckii Lemon Lime for some more colorful fun! This plant’s leaves are full of different colors ranging from different variations of green to yellow to grays and whites. Another contributing factor yet again is the fact that it does not require too much water to survive, so not too much additional work needed to keep this plant thriving. This plant is great for a plant companion if you want to appreciate it and have it as decor, but you do not want to have to check up on it too often. Keep this bad boy in some bright light near a window and it is set to go!

Shop Warneckii Lemon Lime

The Lemon Lime have beautiful bright colors in their leaves.


Our last suggestion to boost some happiness is the Rhapis Palm. This plant is truly unique when it comes to indoor plants. It portrays a sense of elegance but still stands out in a room in a dynamic way. The shapes of the leaves are not like any other indoor plant and the wood stems are a special touch the plant brings to your living space. It resembles a tree making your home look and feel like the great outdoors. This plant is known to last a longggg time, so keep your happiness around for the years to come.

Shop Rhapis Palm 

The Lady Palm requires medium light and alot of water.



Okay, now is the time to bring up how plants can become your newest activity. Plants are more than decor in your home, more than air purifiers, more than just another pretty face. Plants are something to take care of, but they are also a hobby, hence why there is such a large plant community.

Plants can give you something to do during quarantine. Not only do you have to maintain them, but they give you a purpose every morning because just like a pet or a child, they need taking care of. Some of these mornings have been hard, give yourself a reason to get out of bed, and maybe even take your plant outside for some sunny warmth and get some much-needed Vitamin D.

Another plant activity can be with your pots and planters! Get creative with your home decor by decorating and creating unique pots and changing up the layout of your home. You can paint your pots, bedazzle them, the possibilities are endless! Interior design takes research, time, and trying new things out. Rearrange your plants to add to the aesthetic of your house.


Some Interior Designs you should give a try…

Art Deco – This is a unique design for the true creatives. A little less mainstream but still a funky spin for the special individual. This style is often said to be a nod to the Roaring Twenties and gives us all the Great Gatsby vibes. Some great plant picks for this type of design are, Colorama for its bright colors, ZZ Plant for its unique shape, and Areca Palm like the true party plant it is! Art deco is all about colors and shapes that stand out and accent pieces, turn your plant into an accent piece instead of the typical choices such as art or a statue. Your plant can be part of the art deco in the room.  You will have all your friends roaring with envy on your new plant set up when you all get together to zoom chat!

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Art Deco Design

The next suggestion we have is one of the most popular for our plant lovers, the bohemian style. When thinking boho think a mix of the 70s and Moroccan vibes. What is great about the boho style for plant owners, is they fit right in since greenery is a huge part of the style already. Some plants commonly seen throughout this form of interior design are the Monstera, White Bird of Paradise, and the Kentia Palm, which are all classics you will love. Bohemian style normally portrays a comfy cozy vibe making you never want to leave the room! So, if you are a homebody we definitely suggest this style for you.

Read more on Boho Style

Bohemian Interior Design

Boho Design

Boho Interior Design

Lastly, we suggest giving the modern design a try… keep up with the times. What is a modern design you ask? It is a classic choice with an updated feel to it. Modern design is usually clean and somewhat minimalistic, but this is also still left up to interpretation. A Janet Craig or a Marginata are great plants for this, adding depth and uniqueness to an otherwise minimalist color palette. The greens will really pop in any modern setting. We suggest crisp whites, stark blacks, and popping navy’s to contrast your green against! Even some an array of grays would go nicely with your new green plant buddy.

Read more on Modern Home Design


Modern Interior Design


Interior design, not your thing? Why not a photoshoot… WITH YOUR PLANTS!

Get creative with your plants and snap some pictures, we love to play model for a day! Tag us on social media or email them in for a chance to be featured as well and join our plant community. 


Have kids at home? Get them involved in a family plant activity! Pick your plants together and find your perfect new plant fit. Then pick out a pot and wait for it to be delivered. Read our snippet at the bottom of the shop page to find the best places to place your new plant and what kind of care it needs and then walk through it all together! Giving your children a plant is a lot like a pet, teaching them responsibility and the importance of taking care of a living thing. A great teaching opportunity during the quarantine. This is the perfect fix to keep your children from begging you for a puppy for the millionth time, or it also could be a good test to see if they are ready for the commitment of an animal and ready to learn how to take care of something.

One final activity we suggest is reading up more and learning more about plants! We have a ton of resources on the blog for you to peruse and even a full watering guide you can check out, so you know you are taking care of your plant properly and keep them happy and thriving. Be the best plant parent you can be by growing your knowledge because there is always more to learn about plants!

It is time we start taking our health seriously mentally and physically. This is a time to check on ourselves, slow down, and take care of ourselves and the people around us. There are a variety of ways to do that and some of them can even be enjoyable. Like filling your home and decorating with PLANTZ!