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Gone Coastal: Interior Design 


It is only fitting to bring up the Coastal interior design style, since PLANTZ is known for its tropical and beach vibe plants – many being from our Exclusive Hawaii Collection – what better fitting type of plant for the coastal design than a tropical plant to really fill out the room and add to the beachfront luxury and getaway feeling you are going for with your space! 


The coastal aesthetic is known to be breezy and easy, a design that gives off a light and airy vibe. There should be a feeling of weightlessness within the space, the cornerstone of the coastal interior design style, and the true epitome of what emotion you would like to evoke in the varying rooms that you call home when executing the Costal design. This design does not have to be executed in just homes by the water. You can bring this vibe to your city lofts, your suburban homes, and even your regular apartments. Bringing the coastal life to you is doable when you keep a few things in mind.  


Set the Mood  

The goal here with your plant selection is to create a haven for relaxation and a simplistic feeling while still making your home feel elegant and refined. Think spa-like but more cozy. Take a load off from the hectic pace of daily life and do it with all of the beachy feelings and a soothing color palette paired alongside it. The color options that accompany this design are peaceful and calming, creating a perfect beachy atmosphere and relying heavily on the lighter side of neutrals. Green can be an incredibly soothing color, so utilizing it through plants will create the best homage to the coastal vibe while not adding too much color to distract from the simplicity of the design itself. That being said, there are so many different types of green plants to choose from, and they all evoke mixed emotions while also fitting into different décor styles accordingly. So, why don’t we look into plants for what they can offer color-wise as a starting point for our coastal interior design style!

Coastal Interior Design


The Aglaonema

You want a simplistic color scheme in this specific interior design, which makes it different than some of the other popular formats. Lean on neutrals for wall colors and furniture but bring in the soothing pastel tones through your décor. This leaves you open to have the bright pop of color for your plants! Some great colors you can find from our PLANTZ selection come from a variety of plants, but one that instantly comes to mind is the Aglaonema plant. The Aglaonema also called the “Ag” by some, is a plant that comes with different variations, such as Silver Bay, Stripes, Mary Ann, and Jubilee, to name a few. The Aglaonema’s leaves are unique, and the colors you can find on them range from dark greens to a lighter, almost white sandy or silvery shade. This plant is not a typical indoor plant you will commonly see and can really contribute to the calming environment you are hoping to create. Also, the Ag is known to survive for a longggg time, so you will not have to worry about ever having to really change up this plant in your home. Reliable and consistent over here! The Aglaonema just screams relaxation and spa vibes, which should be precisely what you are going for.


Checkout our Aglaonema Selection:   



Giganta Plant 

Another option and a low-maintenance plant option at that is the Giganta Plant. This plant is very similar to the Ag because it has a dark green color and a lighter colored pattern on its leaves. Other than that, though, these two plant friends could not be any more different! The difference in colors is the silver in Aglonemas verse the yellow of the Giganta Plant. This plant is all foliage, which really attributes to an on the coast relaxing mood that you can evoke into the atmosphere. The Giganta is excellent in low-light situations and highly rated for removing air-born toxins as well. So you can keep the air fresh and full of oxygen, adding to the clean ambiance of costal, because let’s face it, we all some that fresh salt and sea air.  


Learn More About Buying a Giganta Plant: 



Reduce Anxiety

The coastal style is all about making you feel at peace. That is something plants are great at doing for people as well! Did you know that plants are proven to reduce anxiety levels and induce a sense of calming over human beings and even your pets? It is why it is so common to see plants in the workplace as well, seeing as work can be a stressful environment. 


Want to learn about how to furnish your office with PLANTZ as well? Check out our plant rentals and maintenance services. 



Back to your coastal home, though, we want you to feel as relaxed as possible. When you step into your newly designed costal rooms, it should make you feel as though you are on a long-awaited vacation, that lucky for you, is never going to end – that is until you have to get up out of bed and go to work in the morning! 


Color is the Key 

Now it is time to revisit the color factor. The green is your pop of color, but what if you are really trying to keep everything super neutral and want your pop of color elsewhere? There are lighter colored plants that you can look into that might be a better fit. Try out a Marginata Kiwi. This plant has yellower leaves, resembling a shade closer to beige than being a green and making everything a tad more neutral. The Marge – its nickname – also has such a unique leaf shape bringing some different dynamics into play that we have not seen yet in the other coastal plant picks. This plant requires moderate to high light, which is perfect since you will be needing lots of light to create your beachy seaside dreams anyways. We think the Marginata Kiwi is the perfect pick if you do not want to add too many saturated colors into your home. There is a fine line to walk between coastal and bungalow style, and sometimes not strategically picking your plant colors can begin to blur that line. 


View our Marginata Options Here: 



Pay Attention to Lighting 

Time to talk lighting. Costal is all about easy, breezy, sunshine. This is killer news for all the new plant pals you are going to get. With the need for light to fulfill the design style, you can buy more high- to moderate-light plants that might not be as plausible in other dark and windowless spaces. Here are some moderate- to high-light level plant options that we only recommend for the very bright rooms… 


Fiddle Leaf Fig – The trendy plant that everyone just HAS to get their hands on. Most people do not succeed in keeping these plant babies alive due to the fact that their care is somewhat tricky. Lucky for you, though, coastal design and bright light is precisely the environment it needs to thrive, so do not feel guilty picking up this new plant friend.

View Ficus lyrata or Fiddle Leaf Fig Here: https://www.plantz.com/product/ficus-lyrata-for-sale/


White Bird of Paradise – this elegant beauty requires a bath in the sunshine in order to stay kicking. Also, make sure it gets the right amount of water, and you will have a plant friend for the long haul, we can promise you that!

White Bird of Your Dreams: https://www.plantz.com/product/white-bird-of-paradise/


Areca Palm – palms can give you the tropical feeling you are so desperately looking for. They thrive best in a tropical climate, so make your beach oasis have a touch of the tropics, and you are set to go. If the Areca Palm is not for you and you want to try out a different palm, we also have the Bamboo Palm and the Kentia Palm you can invest in as well!

Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm or the Party Palm: https://www.plantz.com/product/areca-palm/


Ficus MicrocarpaFicus are notorious for needing a lot of light. The Ficus Microcarpa, just like its cousin, the Fiddle Leaf Fig or also called the Ficus lyrata, is no exception from the light rule. As long as this guy is seated near a window, though, it will be fine and live a long and happy life. The shape of this tree is also unique and will really stand out in your room.

Interested in the Ficus Microcarpa: https://www.plantz.com/product/ficus-microcarpa/


Majesty Palm – Not entirely done talking palms yet… Just like any other palm, it is not a low light type of plant. Make super sure your new coastal space has the light capacity to handle this guy, but they are honestly fantastic plants to have.

More Palms for the Win: https://www.plantz.com/product/majesty-palm/

Beach Home

All in the Texture

Now that we have talked about some lighting issues within the design style, let’s talk about texture. The texture is a big part of the coastal design. Costal and beachy go hand in hand; you have the sand and the waves, salt and the sun, light linens, and soft towels at the beach. Now take those textures and translate them into different décor elements. One plant that we really translate into the softness of beach towels, but shows the waves’ curve, is a White Bird of Paradise. The White Bird embraces a sleek look but still feels minimalistic and soft. It is larger than life and really stands out in the crowd. This texture is genuinely smooth and light to the touch, making you feel at peace and relaxed in your new beach home—a true ode to the beachy nostalgia of family vacations from the past. Then add in a hint of modernism, and you have created a style uniquely geared towards you that not many will have seen before.


Coastal Decoration

What to Do With Your Planters

Then next thing to discuss is planters and plant stands, and how they can add to the elements of coastal design. Plant stands can come in metal, wood, steel, and so many other different material forms. Rely on wood for the coastal design.


A range of wood colors depending on what other wood styles are in your home, and can significantly impact the look of the room. The great thing about plant stands is that they give you the ability to elevate your plants off the floor, playing with different levels and different heights to get a range of options for your plant design. Just keep these stand colors as neutral as you possibly can, and you are set to get on the coastal road. 


Now planters, the options are endless when it comes to planters. Woven baskets really just scream BEACH TIME, but there is also something to be said for the concrete planters and their smoothness and neutral colors that they can have as well. The clay and concrete planters can be very costal because of their natural and earthy tone to them. Most all of them are in the light and airy neutral colors, really driving the beigy coastal feel home. Just keep in mind with clay and concrete, smoothness is vital to accentuate the look.


Check Out Some of the Clay Planters We Have in a Variety of Styles and Colors: https://www.plantz.com/product/strong-clay-bottom-radius/


We hope some of these elements that we have provided were helpful in guiding you through your new interior design journey that you are embarking on. Some key things to remember as you go on your way with your decorating:

  • Keep natural light in the home, and lots of it
  • Play with textures throughout your decor, furniture pieces, and even your plants
  • Keep colors neutrals unless they are pops of green from your new plant pals
  • Use natural elements when it comes to pots and plant stands

We cannot wait to see your designs!! Send us pictures of your plants in your freshened up home to [email protected] for a chance to be featured on our site and social media! Happy designing.