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From Hawaii to New Hampshire

Massimo’s 12″ Rhapis Palm was recently delivered to his New Hampshire home all the way from Hawaii!

He is thrilled with his choice – “ I love it! Below is a picture of my beautiful new addition to my collection, I am so very pleased with my plant! This is my first time buying a plant from your company and so far very, very pleased! In fact so pleased that yesterday I ordered a second one😊!  Thank you again and again for all your help!!!” Massimo gushed!

The Rhapis does best in moderate filtered light and needs to stay on the moist side to thrive! At PLANTZ, we recommend our PlantAssure Sub-Irrigation System to be safe! Massimo did just that, and even ordered a Soil Sleuth for good measure.

We carry Lady Palm’s from Florida and Hawaii, so you get to choose the source of your new tropical tree.

Massimo's Rhapis Palm
Massimo’s 12″ Hawaiian Rhapis Palm

We are so happy to see the Rhapis Palm flourishing, and we cannot wait to see the second round of greens Massimo chose!