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Frogee and Sunny find a home in their Fiddle Leaf Fig

These two little guys, Frogee and Sunny, took to their new friend – a Fiddle Leaf Fig, aka Ficus lyrata – right away, according to their owner.

“(The Fiddle Leaf) is so tall, full, lush and healthy. I am very happy and extremely happy with your company.  I’ll never order a plant from anywhere else,” says Erin, a resident of the Midwest who signed her note “A very happy customer.”

Thanks to our online plant expert, Sue, any “concerns I had were addressed immediately, above and beyond what I expected. Sue is great and helpful with great tips on taking care of my new plant. I especially love the videos explaining everything from unpacking my plant to watering, trimming and warning signs as to what conditions may cause what. I loved the personal touch I received and feel like I’m part of a new family,” Erin says.

She chose the Fiddle Leaf Fig for “its ample big strong leaves for my grey tree frogs, Frogee and Sonny. I hate keeping them in a tank all day and it is too risky to let them play outside, so I brought nature to them.

“They absolutely love the tree and spend hours playing and resting on it. Every tree frog should have a tree and this is the best one I have ever had. I’ll never buy another plant anywhere else and I’m sure the frogs and I will enjoy the Fiddle Leaf Fig for years to come. Thanks Plantz for a wonderful experience!”

Thank you for the kind remarks Erin and we are glad Frogee and Sunny are enjoying their new home.

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