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Friends Share Fondness for Fiddle Leaf Fig

Stephanie says her Ficus lyrata has enhanced her new office.


Fiddle leaf Fig in Stephanies home

Ficus Lyrata
Shannel with her Ficus lyrata at her home.

They may be separated by 800 miles, but Stephanie and Shannel are still good friends and now share a love of something else: plants.

Stephanie, a Chicago resident, saw her friend Shannel’s photo on PLANTZ – see the photo spread here – and decided to send in a photo of her Ficus lyrata, aka Fiddle Leaf Fig.

“Shannel (who lives in Stamford, CT) is a good friend of mine and I sent Sue (PLANTZ’s online plant expert) a photo as a little joke to “compete” with Shannel,” Stephanie said. “(Shannel) recently became very interested in plants and quickly turned into a wonderful plant mom who has offered me many tips and suggestions! I appreciate her (and Sue) very much.”

Stephanie recently added the Fiddle Leaf Fig to her new office. “The plant is fantastic and all of my colleagues keep commenting on how much it brightens up and adds to our space. We just moved in a couple of months ago so it was pretty barebones, but the plant is making it feel more like home! We’re so happy with it.”

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