Fiddle Leaf Fig Warms Up New Home


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Fiddle Leaf Fig Warms Up New Home

Fiddle Leaf Fig aka Ficus Lyrata
Ashley, pictured here with Cora, her adorable King Charles Spaniel at their home in the Southeastern U.S with their new Fiddle Leaf Fig aka Ficus Lyrata.

“I’ve wanted one for such a long time,” says Ashley, the proud owner of a new Ficus lyrata from PLANTZ.  “We just moved in to a new place with a family room and window that looks out to the east so it’s a great spot for a plant. I looked around for the perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig and couldn’t find a good one in any of the stores and I was just thrilled to find one online of all places.”

PLANTZ has sold and shipped nearly 1,000 big and bold Fiddle Leaf Figs to customers nationwide. The plants are sourced from a grower that specializes in the trendy plant with oversized leaves. They are started in the Florida sun which promotes strong roots and a tall, tight canopy and then “finished off” in shade so that they become acclimated to less-than-full-sun lighting.

“The plant is just right and the PLANTZ team is helping me keep it in top shape,” Ashley says.

Like to add a plant to your home but nervous about how to care for it? We offer everything from the planter and moss to the proper sub-irrigation watering system as well as live online advice to make sure your plant thrives. Something to which Ashley can attest.

“The process of purchasing the plant and accessories through PLANTZ was easy and perhaps more importantly personalized to ensure success … they asked about our lifestyle, decorating style, amount of light in the room, and familiarity with caring for plants … then identified a plant they thought would be perfect for us.”

Putting a little green in your scene is not only aesthetically pleasing, it adds something more, Ashley says.

“Plants add an unexpected, unique, organic element to what can be an otherwise very predictable, sterile environment.  Plants are (also) great circulators of fresh air.”

FUN FACT: PLANTZ has shipped over 200 Fiddle Leaf Figs to the states of New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Fiddle Leaf Fig of your own, you can click through to our store here!