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Farmhouse Rustic Interior Design

Here we are, back again with a new interior design style for you, and this one is a more mainstream one… Farmhouse, or also called Rustic interior design! We see this style often, but have you tried to execute it yet in your home? This design is all about clean crisp white walls and wood paneling. Think the distressed wood look in more aspects than just the way of flooring. This is a great interior design style for the individual who is a fan of the industrial style but wants it to feel just a tad more homey and less ridged. Rustic interior design is best categorized as an eco-conscious with a country or cabin vibe twisted in. Think back to the classic or cliché cabin in the mountains feel.

Some elements it shares with the industrial design include the warehouse look and elements of openness and raw materials such as exposed brick, wood, metal, and other vintage aspects like unique light fixtures and novelty décor that you would not see throughout the typical modern or bohemian design styles.


The “It” Plant

The farmhouse style is very popular right now in the average household across the United States of America, so what better plant pair for the design than a very mainstream Fiddle Leaf Fig, which has also taken the states by storm. This plant is EVERYWHERE and is a crucial aspect of the farmhouse design. This plant is picture-perfect, you will find yourself obsessing over your new photogenic plant and we cannot wait to see all of the home design pictures you will take with the Fiddle Leaf in it (don’t forget to tag us in them). Botanically known as Ficus lyrata, it can be found in tree form or bush form, both will rock the socks off your living room, bedroom, or any room for that matter. This “it” plant is a trendy touch to the space, that can soften out the vintage woody feel. Rustic design, although it has a tendency to utilize harsh materials, it also has a dedication to the importance of a softer touch that can be brought in through a multitude of ways. Soft and texturized rugs, specialty throw pillows, and fuzzy blankets can bring that more delicate side back into the room, which is what really differentiates it from other designs such as industrial or modern, making it uniquely farmhouse.

Here are some things you need to know about the Fiddle Leaf Fig before you bring it into your rustic new home. This fig comes in three different sizes and two styles. Tree and bush form are the ways this plant can be delivered to you. You have probably more often seen the tree form, but do not overlook the bush form, it can bring a lot of volume and texture to any room. Another thing to note about the Fiddle Leaf is that it needs lots and lots of light. We highly recommend that you find a place for this plant on a patio or somewhere that gets a lot of sunshine to ensure its successful growth and lifespan. This fact should not be taken likely or be overlooked, because Fiddle Leaf Figs are truly fickle when it comes to their plant care. You can read more on Fiddle Leaf Fig care to ensure the best possible treatment of your plant here. Another factor to consider for this plant is the watering. The Ficus lyrata drinks a lot of water. Checking this plant weekly should be part of your regular home maintenance routine, so add it to the list. If you need more information on watering routines checkout our Watering Guide!

Fiddle leaf Fig

Other Aspects to Add

How else can you build on your newfound rustic interior design? How about plant stands! We have terrific wood plant stands that can bring back in the wood material throughout your décor, while still making your space simplistic and not overcluttered. Plant stands will also elevate your plants so you can have them at a variety of heights creating a unique look for your space. Try staggering you plants all in one area of the room, creating a jungle corner with varying heights.

Another classic of the farmhouse style is the wicker material. Wicker baskets often sit at the base of every couch filled with blankets and pillows or adorn bookshelves storing items so create a cleaner less cluttered environment. Here is a new suggestion to spice things up… Try a wicker basket as your planter. Place beautiful plants such as a Monstera or a Janet Craigs in a wicker basket to create that comfy cozy home feeling, but with some nature in it.

Think vintage during the creation process when implementing this design style. This can be in décor and in your furniture. Also, think vintage walls, stone, and brick are commonly seen, anything that creates a mini oasis that feels warm and fuzzy but like an escape. Natural colors are also a big aspect of the farmhouse look. When picking planters and plant stands choose muddled browns, creams, whites, nudes, and grays to really drive home the farmhouse experience. These natural elements really help contrast the roughness of your exposed elements such as rough wood, brick, or metals. When it comes to natural colors, you can rely on shades of green as well! This is great news when it comes to your plants because commonly plants are GREEN! Try out some greenery such as the Aglaonema which has a variety of options and unique patterns that can add some dimension to your home – so, not just the typical green.

The Aglaonema comes in a variety of variations with green and silvery gray coloring, so you are still keeping the neutrals desired in this home design. Try out the Silver Bay if you want to bring out the gray notes in your space since this one has a large amount of gray throughout it. If you want a more green centered Aglaonema then try out the Mary Ann and Stripes since these patterns are a tad more green-based, but still have some silver and gray notes even though they are predominantly green! The possibilities are endless with the unique Aglaonema.

Another green friend to include in your home is the Rhapis Palm. This plant is nicknamed the Lady Palm and grows leaves from textured woody stems. This brings even more of a wood element into your rustic home. This plant will last you a long time, but it is also for a patient plant owner, seeing as it takes it years to be fully grown. If you have the patience to wait on this beautiful plant, we promise it will be well worth it. Full of unique shaped leaves and a deep green color, it portrays a high level of elegance and grace, not a bad fit for the farmhouse interior design. We also are the only seller that carries the 5.5-6 foot Rhapis, so bring one into the home that is larger than life!

The farmhouse style is a happy marriage between natural elements and the harsher design materials. The plants you keep will really help you draw that line. Bring in even more of what we consider harsh materials with concrete planters. The Strong Clay Bottom Radius planter comes in three colors, sky white, brown earth, and gray rock; all signature colors of the rustic interior design style. You can also get the concrete planter in a cylinder or square shape, all up to you on what type of angles and harshness you want the planter to have. Contrast that with a classic White Bird of Paradise to soften the harsher element you have just added, and you have a match made in interior design heaven because all interior designers love a good contrast.


Strong Clay Cylinders in 'brown earth' and 'sky white' for interior planting


Style Elements

This style really is all about ease and comfort, you want your guests to walk in and feel like the space is a breath of fresh air and release a heavy sigh. A true release. Another way to think about it is a cottage style or feel to the space. Think cabin homes and cozy hideaways.  This style should feel like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the outside world. Bring your warmth inside with plants and light neutrals/whites and large windows. This place should make you feel relaxed.

The most important factor in this design though is to avoid anything bright and colorful and keeping your decorations to a minimal. Less is more. Add to your space with a variety of texture not a variety of items. Focus on plants with unique leaf shapes and ones that create a textured look. You can also do this through a variation in plant heights. The Lisa Cane stands larger than life and is a great addition to any corner in any room. This will surely create a lovely atmosphere of antique and rustic while still bringing something living into the environment. Lisa Canes are special because they are part of our Hawaiian Collection.  If you want a low-maintenance plant that can withstand lower levels of light, then the Lisa Cane is a perfect fit.

Since the design is often focused on simplicity, there is a time and place to use different patterns. Patterns can be used on throw pillows, rugs, or maybe even in your plants! We already discussed the power of the Aglaonema patterns on its leaves, but what about with a Snake Plant or its technical name, the Sansevieria. This plant has a unique pattern to its leaves as well and an even more unique shape to the leaves making it look like no other plant around town. This plant is also easier to care for than a pet rock! Really though, this plant is as low maintenance as it gets so let this guy thrive while bringing new patterns into your home in a not overly done way. Another perk of the mother-in-law plant (another nickname for your vocabulary) is that it is highly ranked by NASA to filter out air pollutants! What better way to design than design with a green thumb and with something that is beneficial to your health as well! This little oxygen producer will change the air quality in the room and make you feel fresh and new, just like the farmhouse design should make you feel. Many plants actually have proven to be air quality boosters and help aid in improved human health, so if you are not plant shopping for luxury, do it for your health instead.

Park your new plant friend next to a classic wood blanket ladder, or in the bright and sunny corner in front of that big farmhouse window. We are sure you have It is time to bring your love for comfort and modern antics to the forefront of your home. Create a fuss-free look that is not only practical but the home no one ever wants to leave. The escape of the cottage or cabin feel can be your daily life, not just a weekend getaway. You deserve the comfortable and luxurious things in life, let that shine through your home design. Rely heavily on natural elements with a minimalistic feel. Rely on texture and shapes to make your style standout. Every element you have in this design has a reason for being there, do not let that go unnoticed. Let your plants and plant accessories shine through as you spread your creativity throughout the home and extend past just the living room.

Some final tips…

  • Don’t over accessorize
  • Let the natural elements shine
  • Pick items that have a specific function – no-fuss décor
  • Play with texture
  • Keep it neutral
  • Play with harsh metals and stone
  • Planters can be great accessories
  • Plant stands can change the look of your room
  • Let your plants shine as the natural elements

With those final tips, we wish you the best of luck on your rustic/farmhouse design adventure. We also found a couple great interior design tips here

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