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Fallin’ For the Ficus Audrey

A 14″ Ficus Audrey found its home all the way in California!

Ling originally ordered a smaller Audrey but decided to upgrade to the fourteen-inch Ficus instead.

The Ficus Audrey has taken the plant community and the interior design industry by storm. Fitting in just about any corner, it is easy to see why.

 The Ficus benghalensis, better known to us as ‘Audrey’, is racing to beat the Fiddle Leaf as the most popular fig because of its forgiving features and funky foliage!

Ling shared a picture of her fantastic Ficus with a note, “I’m so thrilled with my new tree and really happy I upgraded to a bigger size –  many thanks to you and the team.”

14" Ficus Audrey in CA
14″ Ficus Audrey in California

We can’t wait to watch this Ficus and its progress!