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Earth Day 2022

Earth day began in 1970 when Americans saw a change needed to happen for our planet. Inefficient automobiles were causing a huge amount of leaded gas and it became to the point where the only choice was for the people to act on this issue. By 1990, Earth Day became a global campaign and making people recognize the number of environmental issues that are taking place. Earth Day is a time for everyone on this planet to contribute committing and recommitting to recycling, reducing carbon emissions, and even growing a plant!

Today, we have grown our efforts to help our planet in so many ways because people are seeing more and more effects of the environmental issues our planet faces. There are many people who don’t see this day as an important one, but that is why this has become a national day every year to show why it is important and give you ways that you can help.

Earth Day is meant to remind people to think about the future of Earth. Whether you think about it or not the planet has threats, and we are the only ones that can help protect it. The typical recycling and doing little fun challenges like limiting driving for the day can help show your contribution, but getting and caring for a plant is an immediate contribution for everyone. Not only does growing a plant bring you closer to nature and fulfill your biophilic attractions, but plants also help clean the air. We trade carbon dioxide with our green friends and in return they give us humans the oxygen we need to survive.

Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet”. It is time to invest in what matters most and that is our health, family, and the future for everyone. Our efforts have grown a lot since 1970, but it needs to continue to grow more every year to be able to help our one and only Earth. Do your part by recycling, growing a plant, and making everyday Earth Day!