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Decorating With Plants: How to Incorporate
Plants Into Your Home Decor

indoor plants improve decor
Indoor plants add color, personality and improve air quality





Why not consider decorating with plants?

As modern farmhouse style continues to dominate design trends and minimalist interiors reign supreme, there’s no easier way to enhance your home’s aesthetic than with a classic touch of greenery.

Designate a Plant Cart

You’ve heard of bar carts, but plant carts are all the rage now, and for good reason. Some varieties of plants need a ton of sun, while others prefer shade. Then there are some that need a 50/50 mix.

You’d drive yourself crazy and spin your wheels carrying individual planters around your home trying to catch those elusive golden hour rays or the early morning light. With a plant cart, you can wheel your plants around to catch the sunlight.

A tweak on this trend is to use a plant shelf or table. The idea is to group like-minded plants together to make a statement piece. Position tall varieties on top with shorter plants, such as succulents, on middle and bottom rows for a multi-dimensional look.

Focus on the Planters

In your quest to find the ideal plants for your space, don’t forget to pay special attention to the planters you use. Go bold with patterns or bright colors to liven up an otherwise bland space that could use a punch of pizazz.

You can also keep the approach simple and stick with white planters. Look for planters in various shapes and sizes, with interesting textures or intricate details. Place them together on top of your bookshelves or at the end of a long table to amplify the effect.

Hang Plants in Small Spaces

Living in a studio apartment? Perhaps you’re in an older model home with many small, segmented rooms rather than an open floor plan? Either way, you may not have the square footage to dedicate to a mass array of indoor plants.

The solution to these tricky interior design challenges? Think vertical!

Use a macramé plant hanger to display your green beauties in a unique and unexpected way. Hang it on the wall, from the ceiling or above your kitchen sink for a new look. For the most eye-catching results, look for hangers that feature a splash of color.

Think Outside the Bloom

Yes, perennials or annuals that bloom with fragrant flowers are a gorgeous addition to any space but they aren’t your only option.

Expand your selection when decorating with plants. Also consider designing with branches, stems, sticks, and fronds.

All of these add rustic simplicity to your home with minimal effort. The best part? Most will outlast their floral counterparts, as pretty as they are.

Embrace Long Vines

Think you need to trim your plants or give them a haircut every time their vines start to crawl? Why not learn to embrace the look?

Certain varieties, including Philodendron, Ivy, Pothos, and Creeping Fig, have long and winding climber stems that can span the entire length of television consoles, coffee tables, armoires and more.

Make this look a part of your decor. Wind the vines around table legs and shelving units to add a quick pop of color to any space, from your living room to your bedroom.

Go Big and Bold in One Spot

You don’t necessarily need to have a Ficus tree in every corner. However, it pays to go big in one spot, such as beside your couch, near a favorite armchair, or in front of a picture window. This helps anchor a large room and gives your space a focal point.

While Fiddle Leaf Figs are a major trend in the design today, you have plenty of other choices. Consider installing a planted Arcea Palm, Dracaena, Monstera or White Bird of Paradise for a statement piece that’s also stunning. If you do place one in front of a window, make sure it’s suited to take as much sun as it will receive.

Keep It Easy with Succulents 

Not all of us are born with a green thumb, and that’s OK.

Before you invest in indoor plants, make sure you can dedicate the time and attention to their care.

If your lifestyle is fast-paced or you aren’t home too often, a succulent is often your best bet. Requiring little water, sunlight, and maintenance, most are hearty and strong, featuring linear shapes that work particularly well in modern homes.

Decorate tiny planters with paint and patterns, and then add as many succulents as you like. To add a Southwestern flair, try grouping a few cacti together.

Decorating with Plants, Made Simple

There’s no exact science to decorating with plants. As you develop your setup, think about your personal preferences, as well as the specific upkeep that each new plant will require.

At the end of the day, you want your home to be a haven and an extension of your personality. So seek varieties that work with your aesthetic and make sense in your space, no matter how tiny or spacious it might be.

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