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Debbie’s One Year Check In

About a year after a beautiful Bamboo Palm landed in Longboat, FL, Debbie has caught back up with PLANTZ to flaunt her foliage!

Debbie’s 14″ Bamboo Palm thrives in medium-light, and next to the window is clearly where she is meant to be. Besides its striking similarities to Bamboo, a fun fact about the Bamboo Palm is that this baby is on NASA’s list of air-purifying plants from their Clean Air Study.

It’s starting to seem like plants do more for us than we do for them!

But, we do spy a yellow soil sleuth! The sleuth is truly a staple for any plant parents’ toolbox, solving the age-old mystery of gauging how wet your PLANTZ’ soil is and allows you to water accordingly.

If you’re looking for a versatile plant – this is your guy.

Debbie's Bamboo Palm
14″ Bamboo Palm One Year Later

We were so excited to receive this update from Debbie and her beautiful Bamboo Palm, and we are eagerly awaiting our 2nd-year update!