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Check-In with Cleo!

Cleo joined Tamara in her home back in April, and we’re back to check on her progress!

Cleo is a 14″ Standard Tree Fiddle Leaf Fig and she is THRIVING!

Tamara knows how to care for a Fiddle, placing her right next to a large window, Cleo was bound to do well.

Cleo the Fiddle Leaf Fig
Cleo the Fiddle Leaf Fig in Washington State!

Tamara shared, “Just wanted to give you an update on how Cleo is doing. She seems to be thriving in her location. I’ve got the watering schedule down now so all is good. I spoil her with a morning spritz every day! Thanks so much for all your help!”

Also know as a Ficus lyrata, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is famous for needing lots of natural light, the perfect amount of water, and overall, a little more attention than your average greens!

We have to mention, Tamara uses a soil sleuth to keep Cleo looking this good!

The PLANTZ team can’t wait for Cleo’s next check-in!

Tamara's FLF
Tamara’s 14″ Fiddle Leaf Fig