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Carl’s Connecticut Collection

PLANTZ had the pleasure of sending several green roommates to Carl in Greenwich, Connecticut!

As a dedicated plant parent, he could not choose just one (we wouldn’t either).

First up, the Tarzan is one of our favorites, and he chose a stunning arrangement for his 14″ Tarzan Tree.

Placed right next to a window in our Black Phoenix Cylinder Planter and topped with Preserved Mood Moss, Carl’s Tarzan is bound to thrive! 


14" Tarzan Tree
14″ Tarzan Tree in CT Living Room
Carl's Tarzan
Second Angle of Carl’s 14″ Tarzan

























He also went with a White Bird of Paradise to bring an elegant and tropical touch to his Connecticut home. The White Bird needs lots of light to thrive, so Carl set this baby up in front of his other large window!

WBoP in front of Window
Carl’s White Bird of Paradise

He finished his living room off by adding an Aglaonema to his end table. Also known as the Chinese Evergreen, these are one of the easiest plants to care for, and their unique patterns stand out among other greens. Carl keeps his near a window for good measure.

White Bird and Aglaonema
WBoP and Aglaonema in Carl’s Living Room

We are blown away by Carl’s Connecticut Castle and the fantastic foliage he chose to decorate with. This is his one-month check-in and we cannot wait for the next one!

He shares, “I’ve had my beautiful plants for just over a month now, and they are thriving!  Thank you,, for not only providing me with a beautiful houseplant for my living room, but for the outstanding service and support that goes along with it.  I enthusiastically recommend without reservation!