Caring for the Fiddle Leaf Fig with the Cast of the New Girl


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Caring for The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree with the Cast of the New Girl

Fiddle Leaf Fig vs the Cast of the New Girl

We all know and love the cast of New Girl; whether you are a quirky Jess fan or prefer the dry humor of Nick Miller, we can all agree the characters in New Girl are all dynamic and unique in their own way. So, if the cast of New Girl bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig together, how would they split up the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in a chore chart? Well, let’s break it down, and maybe this can help you better break down what your Fiddle Leaf Fig careat home should be as well.

First, what is a Fiddle Leaf Fig? Also known as a Ficus Lyrata, this plant is very popular in the interior design world right now. How to care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig can be a complicated question though for this mainstream plant. This plant’s natural environment is hot and humid, so our local Florida people this could be the perfect plant for you. If not, though, don’t fret… There are plenty of ways you can still successfully care for this plant in other environments and watch it truly flourish in any environment.

Ficus Lyrata Care with Jess

If Jess had one task in taking care of the apartment’s new Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, we know she would thrive at the watering task. The easiest way to kill your new Ficus Lyrata friend is to overwater it. So, timeliness and paying attention to detail is a must. Jess is punctual, never forgets essential details (like a watering schedule) and takes observation and care with all the things that she does. Being a teacher, Jess has a tender touch and is patient in all scenarios; it is just a part of her nature. That is so important when it comes to the Ficus Lyrata’s watering routine. Watering for a Fiddle Leaf is not as simple as just pouring your water in. It is meticulous, which makes Jess the girl for the job. Once you notice the soil is dry on top, it is time to water. The trick is you want the soil directly below to still be moist even though the top is dry, so observation is not enough; you have to get in and check the soil moisture. Luckily, there are tools to help you in this, like a Soil Probe. We prefer the Soil Sleuth; then, you will be able to tell the moisture of the soil more accurately than if you just stuck your finger into the dirt. Another reason Jess is perfect for the job because when watering, you have to take into account temperature and humidity around the plant. It can affect how quickly the soil dries out. Once you get a routine down, though, it is smooth sailing. You only have to make adjustments with the season changes. No one is better to spearhead one of the most critical plant care tasks than the queen of the apartment Jess herself.

Let’s recap the watering stipulations:

  • A regular routine to follow
  • Check soil moisture
  • Invest in a Soil Probe
  • Take environmental factors into account

Lighting Done by Winston

For lighting, we think Winston is the best man for the job. Not only do we believe it is a responsibility he can handle, but he also lights up our lives with his presence on New Girl, so the perfect match! Fiddle Leaf Figs like very bright light, so it would be Winston’s job to make sure this plant, in particular, is happily parked in a pleasant and sunny spot for its entire lifetime. Along with initially finding that sunny spot for their new apartment edition, Winston will have to step up and rotate the Fiddle Leaf Fig once a month. Why, you ask? Ficus Lyratas tend to grow and reach where the light is, so if you are not careful, it will grow in one direction and start to bend funny. The only tricky part about this balance is if it has the direct sun shining on it, it can actually sunburn the plant leaving it damaged or, even worse, dead. It is truly a balancing act, but we think Winston can step up to the plate and handle it, just like he spent so much time juggling multiple job changes at once, post-Latvia.

Here is your Lighting Recap:

  • Assess the space for best spot placement
  • Rotate once a month
  • Watch for sunburn

Nick – Our Pest Control for the Fiddle Leaf Fig

No one can deal with pest better than Nick Miller. That is what bartenders do for a living, right?… JUST KIDDING! Really though, think about what bartenders deal with on a daily basis; it is a lot like pest control in a way. As the self-proclaimed handyman of the home as well, we are not surprised that his job would be doing the dirty work when it comes to this plant care. Pest control is not a job for just anyone, but it is undoubtedly one for Nick. What does this job look like when it comes to the Fiddle Leaf Fig? We are glad you asked. We tend to deter from insecticides, purely because they can be toxic and harm your plant further, pets, children, or even yourself. We do suggest creating your own solution to keep the pesky bugs away. Dish soap and water in a bottle will do the trick; just saturate the leaves in the solution once a week when you have bugs and monthly to prevent the issue. Regular cleanings of the plants eliminate this crisis that might come about, but it is always good to be prepared even if you are regularly cleaning. It is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! Nick is going to keep this plant in tip-top shape, so keeping an eye out for disease and unhealthy plant habits will be a breeze for him.

Reminders for Pest Control:

  • Stay away from insecticides
  • Dish soap and water formula
  • Wash leaves

Squeaky Clean Schmitt – Cleaning Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

We all know Schmitt is the clean freak in this sitcoms California apartment. So there is NO ONE better to take on the cleaning care than the neat freak himself. His job is to keep the leaves clean, not only for aesthetics but also for the overall plant health of their new family member.  Something people also often overlook is the reality that dusty leaves can also impact the plant from absorbing light as efficiently through photosynthesis. How Schmitt is going to go about the cleaning process is by using just a damp cloth to dust off the tops and the bottoms of the plant leaves.  You want to be careful not to miss a spot because bacteria and other viruses can fester on the uncleaned plant surfaces! We are mainly trying to prevent spider mites, a common pest for Fiddle Leaf Figs, from setting up camp and staying awhile. If anyone is going to do the best job possible to keep your new Fiddle Leaf Fig spotless for us here at PLANTZ, we would enlist Schmitt for the job!

Cleaning Tips:

  • Dust the leaves
  • Use soap and water solution when needed

Part-Time Living – Part-Time Pruning with CeCe

Here is the thing. Pruning should not be done often, and when it is, it is a tricky task. CeCe technically is not a resident of the loft but seeing as Jess is her best friend and Schmitt her on and off again love interest, she spends A LOTTT of time there. So, we thought it was only fair to give her a chore as well too – time to pull your weight in this household CeCe, so a part-time chore for the part-time resident!! Pruning is the perfect job for her because CeCe likes to cut the crap and get right down to business, which is what we are doing with pruning. Most people prune annually just to maintain the size of your plant and keep it from running rampant. When pruning, you are also getting rid of damaged or potentially infected leaves, so pruning does aid in your plant’s overall health. We highly suggest doing your pruning in spring or summer since plants go dormant during the winter, and less light could affect your plant post pruning in the long run. Ensure the shears you use are sharp and clean, so you are not ripping and tearing at your Ficus Lyrata. Unclean shears can also lead to infection in your plant, just like a cut on your body could open the door to infection. Another tip, make sure to always cut at an angle. After that, the cut has been made, so you should dab the spot with a damp towel to help aid in the healing process. Such a simple but meticulous task that we think CeCe will rock! If you are pruning right, the spot you just cut will eventually split and form TWO NEW LEAVES! How exciting is that? If you do not want to waste what you just pruned too, you can always propagate it as well and start growing another Fiddle Leaf! You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade… Just like CeCe did with Schmitt!

Pruning Recap:

  • Cut at an angle
  • Only prune annually or when needed
  • Make sure shears are clean

We are thrilled by the teamwork that would go down in the loft if this group got a Fiddle Leaf Fig. We hope that even if you do not live in a wacky loft with a ton of roommates (probably for the best), this article still helped you realize you can take on the tricky with ease. So are you ready to give it a go?! Shop Fiddle Leaf Figs here with us at PLANTZ, and use code Social15% for a little treat from us here at PLANTZ to you!