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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Daniel is accumulating quite the plant collection in California and we are LOVING the updates that come with it!

Charlie and Ollie, Daniel’s doggies, can make anyone smile! Add PLANTZ to the mix and you get perfection.

Since we last shared Daniel’s plant journey, he has added at least half a dozen greens to the group!!!

To start simple, he went with a classic Snake Plant to compliment his office, as a low-light, low-maintenance plant that also purifies the air, it seems like a no-brainer to add one of these babies to any empty corner! Ollie and Charlie took a field trip to check this one out and, they seem impressed.

ollie and charlie snake plant
Snake Plant in a California Office

Next up, an Aglaonema and a Monstera found their forever homes in Daniel’s living room – right next to his Bamboo Palm that you might recognize!

Ollie and Charlie in the Living Room with a Bamboo Palm, Monstera, and Aglaonema
Ollie and Charlie in the Living Room with a Bamboo Palm, Monstera, and Aglaonema

Last but not least, Daniel was one of the first to get his hands on our new Fishtail Palm, and it looks fabulous among his impressive plant collection!

He reported, “The fishtail arrived early and it’s awesome! Even bigger than I expected which is always a pleasant surprise.”

Big PLANTZ are the best PLANTZ, here it is:

Daniel's Fishtail Palm in California
Fishtail Palm in California

Bonus picture of Charlie, Ollie & Co. during playtime! Thank you for always sharing your amazing pictures of your amazing PLANTZ with us, Daniel! We can’t wait to see your next pick.

PLANTZ and Pups
PLANTZ and Pups