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California Dreamin’

The perfect Plantz package just touched down on the West Coast.

Bob ordered an Areca Palm, a Kentia Palm, and all the goodies to keep these babies around for years to come!

These tropical plantz are going to thrive in the open, sunny spaces Bob provided them.

bob's areca palm
Areca Palm in a Strong Clay Square

As many plant parents know, planters can make or break your interior design.

Luckily, Bob is a natural!

He chose a sleek Strong Clay Square for his Butterfly Palm, and a Strong Clay Bottom Radius to house his elegant Kentia.

bobs kentia palm
Kentia Palm in a Strong Clay Bottom Radius

To top off Bob’s gorgeous greens and pristine planters, he ordered preserved mood moss to finish off this fresh look!

Palms like the Areca like to drink- a lot!

As we note in the Areca Palm Care Guide, it is best to keep your palm moist, not soggy, which can be hard to gauge on your own. Not to worry, Plantz has you covered.

Bob went the extra mile and ordered a Plant Assure sub-irrigation system and soil sleuth to ensure the longevity of his palms.

 These tools minimize efforts & maximize results with an eco-friendly mindset so that plant lovers like Bob start their plant parenthood journey off on the right foot.

“I just wanted to let you know the palms arrived yesterday in great condition. I’ve unpacked them, watered them, and installed them in their planters. They look great (in my non-decorator opinion 😊).  Thanks for you and your team’s outstanding support.”

We cannot wait to see the growth of these Golden State palms in a year or two!