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Bohemian Interior Design Style: Welcome to the Jungle

Bohemian style is one of the more commonly known styles, but could you specifically explain what makes a space Boho to someone if you were asked to? Well, for those of you who answered “no” to that question, Bohemian style is inspired by the 60s and early 70s. The best thing to do is think Woodstock and believe us when we say it is making a hugeeee comeback. Some of the cultures this style draws on are Middle Eastern and Moroccan, and also is attributed to some South American vibes as well. It is all about being individualistic and thinking outside of the box that so frequently society forces designing into.

Color  Tones

Mixing soft colors and tones with a bold pattern is a huge part of this emerging interior design trend. Beiges, whites, and neutrals are the best base color for the Boho style since dark colors are not a huge player in this color scheme. Once you have your neutral color palette it is time to add in the unique statement pieces and bright colors that also contain patterns that can be attributed to the Middle Eastern, Moroccan, and South American cultures. Guess what great pop of color we are also thinking you should add to your bohemian vibe… You guessed it, PLANTZ!

Statement Pieces

Bohemian style always has a statement piece, make that statement piece your plant by picking a larger-than-life plant or one with a bold deep green color. The more plants the better for this style. You really want to feel like you are walking into a relaxing bungalow in this space, and when picking your plants for this Bohemian design the more the merrier is what we have to say! Give your guest all the jungle vibes when they enter into your Boho home and give into the plant craze that we are seeing all over right now. When it comes to plant colors for this interior design style, stick to your deep green plants or your traditional greens to give it that natural and earthy feel. Along with bold patterns, a trademark of the bohemian style is truly that jungle and natural feel that transcends you to a different head space when you walk into the room. Think feelings of serenity and peace.

When we talk jungle plants, one of the first that comes to mind is the White Bird of Paradise, this plant is large in size and gives all the jungle vibe making it truly adored by interior design professionals. It is known for its dramatic, long, arching leaves, so if you want a statement plant this is certainly your baby. Tropical feel and how large it is will really create the Jungalow vision of your dreams. We suggest getting the largest size possible for this plant!

Plant Colors

Okay, let’s talk color now. What is the best Boho color to draw on for a plant, well our preference is the Janet Craig. The Janet Craig is one of the most widely utilized plants cultivated for indoor use and is known to improve air quality in any room, but that is not the only reason this plant is great for your Boho look. This plant has a deep green color that really brings plants back to the classics. A variety of plants in this color will surely give you all the jungle vibes you would ever need, and it can come in two different forms. The first being the Janet Craig bush, which is a shorter and fuller version of the plant. The cane Janet Craig is taller and more slender, but both are great bohemian style options for your room.

Another suggestion would be Kentia Palms. Nothing feels more tropical then a palm. There are a multitude of size variation of the Kentia Palm, so you can surly take up plenty of empty space with this plant. With giant leaves like this one it is sure to be a showstopper in your Boho oasis and will really make you feel like you have entered a tropical paradise in a whole other world.

Plant Accessories

When picking out different plant accessories for this style there really is only one true Boho option… The rattan basket look or something braided and macramé are the staple of Bohemian looks. These two are consider the said “staple” because of their nod to simplicity but earthy textures, tones, and colors. Trust us when we say you cannot go wrong with a one of our Natural Seagrass Basket or our RARA AVES Seagrass Basket. Both of the baskets come in a multitude of colors and these types of baskets not only can be the home and protector of your plants soil, but commonly are used for storing blankets or any other form of storage you can think of. You will see these baskets in many of the examples you might find of the bohemian interior design style. This truly is the best avenue when picking a basket accessory for this particular home décor.

If you wanted to go a different route than the normal rattan basket or macramé style, there is always the option of a colorful porcelain and pottery with fun designs that can really accent any Boho vibe in a room to draw in one more pop of color to accompany your bright and vibrant plants. Pair them with matching throw pillows or blankets to really seal the deal. Pottery is a common addition to the Boho look due to its cultural roots with South America and Moroccan cultures.

All of those suggestions aside, the center of the Bohemian and Bungalow design truly is the earthy vibes that can be attributed to all the green thangs that we here at PLANTZ love so much. This style would not be complete without some greenery and the jungle vibe that is truly at the heart of this design, so pick out a plant and start styling around it. This plant truly will be the centerpiece for your room!



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