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Bamboo Palm is Bringing Good Vibes to Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia just gained a Bamboo Palm!

Kyle and his pups are loving their new palm. Kyle got his Bamboo baby in February and they have been flourishing ever since.

He is so surprised with how big his Bamboo is, but he’s not complaining! He said,

“The palm is doing very well! We had to move it further from the intended window, but it still gets sunlight. And I put it in direct sunlight when I can to give it an extra boost. I’m surprised at how tall it is. I thought I might’ve received the 12″ grow pot on accident, but it measured at 10″.. It’s just a tall plant, which I’m very happy with! Thank you again for all your help!”

You are SO welcome, Kyle! Thank you for sharing.

Bamboo Palm
Kyle’s 10″ Bamboo Palm