Biophilia in Retail Design

Biophilia in Retail Design

The question of introducing more biophilic elements into retail design has always been in question. But the answer shouldn’t be that difficult to answer because it is simply YES. Biophilia should be a consideration in future spaces as its components improve air quality naturally by absorbing carbon dioxide, but it also makes the space around look more welcoming. Retail stores care about what they look like because it matters to the customers as well.  The look and feel of a store have an enormous impact on shoppers that are thinking about shopping at a certain store. And studies have shown that adding plants, as part of the biophilic design, increases the perceived value of goods and services in a retail environment.  That’s right, customers will pay more when plants are on display in your store.   It also makes employees feel more comfortable and improves work quality as well. To make your store stand out from the others, biophilia can be introduced to bring natural comfort to your next new customers and your business.

Design Aspect:

Designing your next business space is crucial. Spaces that include water, trees, and semi-open spaces with different view corridors can bring in that welcoming atmosphere customers want. Certain landscape designs and a curated environment can deliver a soothing and calming feel to the business. With big trees, unique flowers, and different plants around the area, your business will become what people remember other than what is in your store. (note – I’m not sure that’s a good thing)

To start out, it doesn’t have to be anything big. A simple plant in the window or a flower box that is at the entrance of the building can make an immediate impact for your customers desire to return. Once you see how different designs fit your needs and wants, you can upgrade into something memorable for everyone involved.  If you really want to get fancy and impactful, a day-lighted living wall is an amazing additional feature . If you decide to bring in biophilia elements in to your business, be sure it is well kept and maintained.  Choosing the right design that will work with your business the best can be stressful, but once you figure it out, it will all be worth it in the end and you will get a return on the investment of time and resources. 

The Pure Benefits:

The value and quality of goods rises proportionately with the level of greenery  in a retail space. As stated already, customers like to see a clean, unique, and memorable design of biophilic elements  because it boosts their shopping experience – and they’ll be inclined to spend more. It might sound a little crazy but biophilic design elements can have a therapeutic effect that produces a positive emotion in buying products. This is further enhanced by natural sunlight having an effect of customers wanting to spend more and more time in the store because the array of sunlight present. The more customers enjoy their experience, the more they will share their experience with friends and family. Boosting the comfort of the customers will benefit your business as well with higher sales volume, improved social interactions, and increased productivity.

Biophilic design in retail is a growing trend at all types of venues, from outdoor retail promenades, indoor malls to airport concessions, restaurants, and hospitality retail amenities. By bringing in daylight and greenery, strategies that add ‘experiential value’ and market/brand differentiation, developers and store owners have the opportunity to optimize profit margins that are economically, environmentally, and socially savvy  and cause customers return again and again. Allocating some space for biophilic elements can go a long way for the future of your business.

Here at PLANTZ we understand the importance of creating a warm and welcoming space for your employees and customers to enjoy. Working with you to design, create, and maintain your vision is our purpose, and we look forward to helping you incorporate biophilic design in your retail strategy. Visit to see how we can help transform your retail design.