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Attention-Grabbing Indoor Plants: Large Plants for Big Spaces

Do you have a large space in your home or office that just… needs something? A big, beautiful indoor plant could be a great addition! Indoor plants that grow over five feet tall quickly grab attention and add a dramatic touch to any interior space.

These height and volume of these green plants captures the eye and will immediately make any space feel lush. Below are a few of our favorite plants for larger spaces:

  • Lisa Cane – The Lisa Cane is a perfect choice for those who have high ceilings but not a lot of floor space. These plants are tall, but not very wide, so they fit well in corners and tighter areas. An elegant plant, the Lisa Cane has deep green strap leaves and green stems. In addition to being one of the best performing indoor plants in lowly lit spaces, they also require very little maintenance. Lisa Canes are available in two sizes: tall (5 to 5 ½ feet) and taller (5 ½ to 6 ½ feet).
  • Ficus Lyrata – The trendy “plant of the moment,” the Ficus lyrata is known for its large violin-shaped leaves which give it the nickname of the Fiddle Leaf Fig. These in-demand plants are a favorite of interior designers and decorators thanks to their ability to take a prominent place in the décor of a large space. Fiddle Leaf Figs are available in three varying heights (ranging from 2 ½ feet to 5 ½ feet tall) and two styles – bush and standard tree form.
  • White Bird of Paradise – With lengthy, dramatically arching leaves, the White Bird of Paradise has long been a favorite of interior design professionals. These tropical plants require a lot of sunlight to keep them happy and do well in both indoor and outdoor settings. When they are grown outdoors in the South, they can produce rather odd looking buds which closely resemble a bird’s head (thus its name). The White Bird of Paradise is available in two sizes that range from 3 ½ to 6 feet tall.
  • Bamboo Palm – The Bamboo Palm can bring color and warmth to any room in the house or office. These plants were given their name for their likeness to bamboo with clumping and stems with shedding leaves. They require moderate to high levels of light in order to thrive, but can tolerate some lower light levels. When left to their own devices outdoors, Bamboo Palms can grow up to 20 feet high. These beautiful palms are currently available on our site between 3 and 5 ½ feet tall.

Do you have a large space that would be the perfect home for a new plant? Order your indoor plants today from! We will ship your plants directly to your doorstep and save you the trouble of finding a car large enough to get these big guys home! Contact our team today for any additional information.