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An Aglaonema in ATL

A new Aglaonema just arrived in Atlanta!

Emiko has done a wonderful job getting their Aglaonema Mary Ann acclimated to its forever home! Emiko chose the Mary Ann 2.5-3.5′ in a 14″ grow pot.

The low maintenance Aglaonema can survive in low and medium light but tends to have more distinct patterns when they get some natural filtered light, like a window!

Emiko has a natural green thumb so they set this baby up in front of the bedroom window, and it is already growing!!

“My new Aglaonema Mary Ann is doing great in my bedroom. I started to see some new leaves growing. It is near the East facing window and getting morning sun.”

Emiko is off to a great start, we can’t wait for an Aglaonema update soon!

Algaonema Mary Ann
Aglaonema Mary Ann