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A New Fiddle Leaf Fig Family

Elmer Yee and his beautiful family are loving their new Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in Dublin, California! After the PLANTZ team answered his initial questions about watering and plant care, he is now recommending us to his friends in California!

Mr. Yee had this to say about his order from PLANTZ:

“We love our new plant, and has been a great conversation piece with our guests!  We like to tell them that we ordered these special from Florida.  The shipment to California did not affect the plants at all.  Plantz’s website made researching the ordering, delivering, and unpacking process so much easier.  This was much easier than visiting a local nursery.  We look forward to ordering more!”

We greatly appreciate your kind words and recommendations, Mr. Yee! Thank you for sharing your experience and lovely family with us!

If you would like to order your very own Fiddle Leaf Fig, aka Ficus lyrata, click here!