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A Kentia Palm in the Windy City

Sharon surprised her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson with a giant Kentia Palm and the Chicago family is LOVING their live addition.

Topped with Preserved Mood Moss, their 12″ Kentia is doing what it does best and making a tropical statement in their brand new Chi-Town living room!

The Kentia Palm is grown in both Florida and Hawaii, but both prefer evenly moist soil. Florida soils hold more water, while lava-rock Hawaiian soils drain more readily. Thoroughly water your Kentia for best results, and with a PlantAssure Sub-Irrigation System, this baby can go up to a month without a fuss.

Kentia’s also have one of the lowest light requirements of all palms, but keeping them in medium to bright filtered light will be best to keep your Kentia thriving, and keep your neighbors and friends jealous!

12" Kentia in Chicago Living Room
12″ Kentia in Chicago Living Room


Sharon said, “The plant looks very healthy and in good shape. My daughter, son-in-law, and grandson like this Kentia Palm very much. Thanks, again, for your help!

Thank you for sharing, Sharon! We can’t wait to keep up with this Kentia.