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A Fiddle Leaf Fig from Florida to Rockport, Texas!

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is one of the most popular indoor plants of recent years and one of our customer favorites!

Ms. Judy Teel just received her new Fiddle Leaf Fig on her doorstep in Rockport, Texas, from our greenhouse in Florida and had to let the PLANTZ team know how we did:

“The plant is really gorgeous! I am amazed that it came all the way from Florida to Rockport, Texas, and was in perfect condition. The packaging was amazing and it just “fluffed” out when I got it out of the box. I lived in Mexico for a long time and had two huge gardens with many bougainvilleas and flowering plants and ferns galore. Besides a few porch plants here in Rockport, this is the only plant I have now! I really love it.”

We’re so glad to hear that your new Fiddle Leaf Fig arrived safely in Texas and that it has brought you so much joy, Ms. Teel!

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Fiddle Leaf Fig in Rockport, Texas