Bambi the Bamboo Palm

North Carolina just got a neat new plant!

Karen was overjoyed when she first laid eyes on her new Bamboo Palm.

Now named Bambi, this perfect palm is already fitting right in and adds a soft tropical touch to Karen’s Southport home.

With the best seat in the house, we know Bambi will thrive right in front of this window!

Karen exclaimed, “Bambi is GORGEOUS!!!  THANK YOU!!!”

Bamboo Palm
Bambi the Bamboo Palm from Plantz

If you would like more information on Bamboo Palms or how to care for them, check out our Bamboo Palm Care Guide blog!

New Plant Mom

Christina recently found and fell in love. She went with a fabulous Fiddle Leaf Fig and could not be happier! We are so happy that Plantz made its way to Virginia and we can not wait to watch your Fiddle thrive!

Christina Poses with her New Fiddle
Fiddle Leaf Fig in VA

Christina was skeptical at first, but Plantz proved that we were the right ones for the job!

“Absolutely love this site!! My fig tree came with beautiful green leaves. I was skeptical about ordering plants online when there is a nursery up the street from my house. Let’s just say I crossed the boujie plant mom life 💕🔥”

FLF Made It To VA
Christina Smiles with her New Fiddle Leaf Fig


Plant Technician in Training

An Aglaonema has made its way to New Jersey and the whole family is pleased with their purchase!

DJ has been helping his mom with their new plants and their soil sleuth.

Aglaonema in New Jersey
DJ with his Aglaonema

His Mom was having issues determining what is ‘dry’ and DJ jumped in to help.

He is now in charge of monitoring the soil moisture and is the new household plant technician!

They call their aglaonema their ‘leave me alone plant’ as it is so easy to care for!

Keep up the good work, DJ!!

A Cross-Country Christmas Miracle

Daniel was delighted to receive his Plantz in Los Angeles right before Christmas!

The perfect timing seemed to please his puppies Charlie and Oliver, too.

Daniel has impeccable taste, exemplified by his picks:  a Bamboo Palm and a Mini Monstera!

He is extremely happy with the quality of his Plantz and he is looking forward to his next purchase!

Daniel notes, “It’s amazing they can be shipped so far and come through so well. The unpacking video was very helpful as well. I wasn’t expecting the palm to be as big as it is but I’m very happy it is, it takes up the exact amount of space I wanted it to!”

The pups seem to love their newest family member!
Charlie and Oliver Posing with the Bamboo Palm

He is still working on getting a perfect picture of the pair in front of his Mini Monstera, but we are sure it is thriving with all that natural light!

Here’s a sneak peak.

Puppy and Mini Monstera
Mini Monstera in LA


Little Plant, Big World

Another happy and healthy houseplant has arrived in its forever home, this time we made it all the way to the Big Apple!

Our happy customer, Alana sent us some awesome photos of her new plant partner thriving and we just have to share!

Alana went with an Aglaonema Jubilee to add some green to her scene.

Aglaonema in NYC
Alana’s New Aglaonema Jubilee

The Aglaonema varieties provide a perfect option for first-timers, plant parents with a low-lit space, and those who just want a low-maintenance friend!

Thank you for sharing, Alana! We cannot wait to see more pictures.

Plantz in Paradise

This beautiful White Bird of Paradise recently made it all the way to Carlsbad, New Mexico!

We are over the moon to see that our new customer Rob is happy with his new plant. He shared an exciting unboxing video along with a few pictures of his special delivery!!

He has an amazing style, so it is no surprise that he even added some preserved mood moss to the top of his precious plant.

Thank you for your support, Rob! We cannot wait to follow your plant parent journey!

White Bird of Paradise
White Bird of Paradise with Preserved Mood Moss in a White Planter.

“My bird of paradise plant arrived today! Yay! Sharing an “unboxing” of my version… Appreciate all of your efforts in securing this specific plant for me with my long wish list. Would also like to Thank You Steve for sending me complimentary mood moss. It really looks pretty spectacular.” -Rob


ZZ Made it to D.C.

We were overjoyed to hear from Michael all the way in Washington, D.C!

Michael added a Zesty ZZ to his family, alongside his pup, Meredith.

Meredith is still getting used to the newest addition, but she feels better knowing the Zamiculcas zamiifolia does not require too much attention.

Michael must be a plant professional because he also topped the ZZ off with some of our preserved moss and it looks amazing! 

We hope you have a happy and healthy holiday and New Year!

ZZ in D.C.
Michael and Meredith’s ZZ

“Here is our dog Meredith with our beautiful new ZZ plant. We love it! (Meredith didn’t love that I woke her up from her nap to take this pic, but I’m sure she’ll get over it soon! 😂). We also used Plantz’s preserved moss on top of the soil – looks so good! Thank you all so much. Wishing you and your team a happy holiday season!”

Just Like Christmas Morning

“Tarzan arrived happy and so healthy!!!!!! I can’t believe he’s over 6 feet tall WOWWWWWWWWW! He looks great!!

The quality of your plants is always consistent. Every time I unpack a new plant, I feel like it’s Christmas morning.” -Louise

Tarzan Tree
Tarzan in Naples

Our friends in Naples are always looking for a new plant to join their family, and we are so grateful that they choose to keep the Plantz siblings together!

We look forward to seeing her plantz every time.

Louise just sent us pictures of her newest treasure! Her Tarzan is huge and handsome as ever alongside her Lisa Cane! It fits into this home (and fantastic planter) perfectly!  Thank you, Louise!!

Tall Lisa Cane in Colorful Planter
Lisa Cane Towering in Colorful Planter

Trip To Tennessee

We were so excited to hear that Abby’s newest plant successfully completed its journey to Nashville!

Abby is getting ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime…motherhood!

The livelihood and energy radiating off this Neanthebella Palm is going to provide so much happiness for Abby’s growing family! It already fits so perfectly in the babe’s nursery.

She could not be happier with her pick! She even showed Sue how healthy and beautiful her Parlor Palm is. Thank you so much for sharing, and congratulations to their family! We cannot wait for more pictures of this plant with its new sibling!

Neanthebella Palm in Nashville
Parlor Palm in front of window

West Coast Wonder

Robin was ecstatic to receive her special delivery from Plantz all the way on the West Coast!

Her new Fiddle Leaf Fig is going to have a fantastic life soaking up the Cali sun in Robin’s great room.

We were so excited to catch a sneak peek of the Ficus in its new crib!

Fiddle Leaf and Kitty
Healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig


Just Getting Started

We are thrilled that our friends in Boston chose Plantz to begin growing their Plant family!

Tarzan Plant in front of window
Tarzan Plant

Jenna and her boyfriend notified our care specialist, Sue that they just received their Sansevieria and Tarzan Plants! Jenna and Company are loving their newest family members!

This was a match made in heaven, these Plant babies were meant for this space.

Even their precious pup can get in on the fun!

There is nothing like the pure joy of unwrapping your Plantz.

We can not wait to see what their next plant pick will be!

Snake Plant and a pup
Snake Plant and Pup



We love to to see our plant customers pair their new friend with our lovely planters! Elisabeth sent us a picture of her perfect pair… and her furry friend too!!

“The pot finally arrived and now the lovely plant has its new home. As promised, here is a photo. It took a lot to get the dog to sit there for a photograph. If you look closely you’ll see drool coming from her mouth as my husband off to the side bribing her with dog treats to sit still  :-).” Elisabeth Bainbridge Island, WA

We are grateful for the dedication from pup Elisabeth, and her husband!


palm tree