Tarzan is the King of College

Mallie is loving her new Tarzan plant up at college!! She isn’t the only one that loves her new plant…

All the pets and roommates do as well!

Have a college kid you want to give the gift of life (ya know minus the obvious gift of life)?

Then a plant is the way to go.

Checkout or new selection of Tarzan Plants, Ponytail Palm, and Ficus Alii.



Tarzan with PupTarzan Plant

Bamboo Palm Love

This Bamboo Palm is giving us all the interior design Pinterest vibes!

Lydia shared with us some photos of her new palm.

“Thank you again for all the help :)” -Lydia from North Carolina.

Don’t mistake this plant as a Bamboo Plant this is a Bamboo Palm which is different,  it is a chamaedorea Florida hybrid, truly unique.



Pennsylvania Fiddle Leaf Fig

Magda was so excited to share the impeccable set up of her new Fiddle Leaf Fig.

We are so happy to see plenty of windows and natural light since this plant is known for the need for lots of it.

“I finally finished setting up my new beautiful Lyrata, so I wanted to send you a picture. ” She exclaimed to our care associate Sue, who many of you are famliar with.

“The box was in very good condition 😊 all over a beautiful plant, so thank you! Sue thank you so much for all your help. I am very happy with my purchase 😊 “

We hope to continue to see Magda’s new plant love blossom in Pennsylvania!


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Happy Kentia Customer

This Kentia Palm finally found it’s forever home in Maryland with Andleeb!

“I received my Kentia and it was beautifully packaged. It looks great!”

So happy to see it surviving and thriving in this beautiful living room.



White Bird in the Window

Ryan sent us in an update on his beautiful White Bird of Paradise.

“The delivery and unboxing went very well and we got the plant set up in our living room!”

It really is thriving in that window! It is important through the winter all our northern states keep those plants close to a window to soak up as much sunshine as possible! Happy Fall and keep on planting!!!


White Bird


All John could say is “WOW” when his breathtaking plant arrived!

“She’s here!  And she is gorgeous.” He let our care specialist Sue know.

“When I unpacked her, all could say was WOW!  Photo attached.  (Sorry, didn’t do a selfie.)  She’s quite tall!”

Love seeing this beauty in it’s new forever home in Maryland, enjoy!

Lisa Cane



Kulfi in her Jungle

This is a photo of our beautiful plants with our lounging kitty, Kulfi (an ice cream from India).  This little fam loves their plants and plans to purchase more in the future, to continue your jungle growth!


Thanks for sharing guys! Cannot wait to see your home evolve.


Plants in Apartments

Holiday Gifted Bird of Paradise

Thought you would enjoy seeing all the new leaves on my “Bird”! Did a bit of advertising for you too! Happy New Year!!! – Linda

Thank you Linda for sharing this fantastic photo of your Bird of Paradise, what a lovely holiday gift to receive and we are so glad you are loving it!

Get your white bird of paradise now!

Bird of Paradise

Safe Delivery!

Never in my entire life did I ever think that houseplants could be purchased online and arrive safety at its destination across the country.  I spent weeks searching in Nevada for a nursery with great looking houseplants.  I was unsuccessful.  Then I discovered your website OMG!  In the 40 years that I have had houseplants, I never purchased them online.  I took a chance because I was desperate for great looking houseplants.  I submitted my order and in the back of my mind, I knew I was going to lose my money.  Shipping houseplants online and shipping them cross country is a receipt for disaster.  While I was waiting for my plants, I followed the instructions on your website and looked at your YouTube videos.  You fully prepared me to receive my plants, get them out of the box, have a tarp ready and place them in a new home.  They are beautiful, look healthy and vibrant.  Some of the leaves had to be cut or trimmed but you fully prepared me on how to handle the situation. You also said that you suggested 2 people but I live alone and had to struggle a little.  I do have one recommendation.

RECOMMENDATION:  The plants are very heavy.  I live alone and on the second floor because my garage is on the first floor.  I had to get the plants from the front door to the second floor.  Luckily I had a dolly that helped me drag them up the stairs.  It was very hard because of the weight of the plants.  Without the dolly it was going to be an impossible task for one person to get the plants to the second floor.  I was not prepared to receive such heavy plants.  I think you should not assume that everyone lives on the first floor, especially if they are in a condo or townhouse where most in Nevada sit on top of garages.  I suggest to tell people to have a dolly ready if the plants are going to have to be taken to a second floor. – Maria Sanchez

Maria! Thank you so much for the recommendation, this is certainly something everyone should consider when ordering plants! Also love to hear that we were able to deliver to you when you did not even realize that was an option!! Yes friends we can deliver to you ANYWHERE in the United States!! Keep us posted on your plants progress Maria and thanks for sharing!

Janet Craig


Six Plant Babies?!

Sorry I’m so late to send these.  Below are photos of our six babies.  All are well and bringing joy to our lives!  One Kentia Palm is flourishing more than the other, but it is also likely getting more sun.  Should I water the other one a little less?  No issues with it at all, in case that was unclear! 🙂

Hope you are well and thanks, again, to you and your team for everything!!! – Hanna Chandoo, Cerritos, CA

Hanna! Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop and updating us! Your babies are looking stunning. Please never hesitate to reach out with more questions and more pictures (because we LOVE to see them).

Kentia Palm
Kentia Palm
kentia palm
Kentia Palm
ZZ Plant
ZZ Plant


White Bird of Paradise

“It looks Beautiful!!” – Stephen Koslow Hollywood Florida

So glad you like it and we love where you have placed it and your pot! Excellent choice!

Get your white bird of paradise now!

White Bird of Paradise
White Bird of Paradise

Goober & His New Plant Bud

“Gorgeous plant and very well wrapped for shipping!  Goober is the handsome kitty in the photo who has stopped nibbling on the leaves.”

Pretty plant and pretty kitty! So glad you love your plant just as much as Goober.

Get your Aglaonema Now!


Aglaonema with the kitty