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Check- In with Cleo part 2

Cleo came to Tamara about 8 months ago. After sending us her progress in July, she just sent us another update.

Cleo in July
Tamara’s 14″ Fiddle Leaf Fig In July

The beautiful Cleo is a 14″ Standard Tree Fiddle Leaf Fig. “Cleo is now 8 months old and doing great as you can see. I finally figured out how to water her in the fall/winter.”  

Tamara’s 14″ Fiddle Leaf Fig Now! Look how Beautiful!

We at Plantz love to hear about the green babies you’ve at home. Please send us your stories and pictures of your favorites Plantz.

It’s a 10 out of 10!

Some of our customers took the time to email us with their thoughts on the latest green installations in their homes and offices. Here is what they said.

Susan in CA-  Neanthebella Palm ” Oh, Sue” she emailed in. ” It is a Perfect Plant!!”

Lisa Cane

Barb in ID – Lisa Cane “Happy, happy now!!”

Rhapis Palm

Tatiana in CA – Rhapis Palm “My plant is absolutely beautiful, and I hope to take care the right way this time as I just killed my previous one.”


Nancy in MI- Giganta “It is gorgeous. I have a black thumb, so I pray I don’t kill it. It has the sub irrigation system. I love it!”

Bamboo Palm

Martin in GA – Bamboo Palm “Here’s a photo of my bamboo palm in my home office. We love it!”

Bamboo Palm

Jim in MD Bamboo Palm “After 20 months and still going strong!”  

Derek in AK- Lyrata “The plant made it to Kodiak yesterday on a sunny and balmy almost 60 degree

day, which was well timed. Thank you so much for the moss which was a great addition and the soil sleuth,

which I expect will be helpful keeping it going!

New Plants in New Places

We recently delivered some greenery to our friends at Rite Aid!

With little window exposure and minimal natural sunlight, we had to make sure we found PLANTZ that could stay healthy in these conditions.

They made the perfect choices, with a beautiful Janet Craig and a low-maintenance natural air purifier, a Snake Plant!

Janet Craig found her home in the corner, and as a low-light lover she is going to thrive here.

Janet Craig

On the other hand, the Snake Plant was placed perfectly in between some waiting room chairs in the pharmacy.

Not only does this provide personal space to the customers and patients, but the Sansevieria serves a second purpose, as a natural air purifier. NASA conducted a clean air study, and they found the Snake Plant does an excellent job of eliminating pollutants from our air space.

Rite Aid Snake Plant
Snake Plant Breaks Up Rite Aid Waiting Area

Debbie’s One Year Check In

About a year after a beautiful Bamboo Palm landed in Longboat, FL, Debbie has caught back up with PLANTZ to flaunt her foliage!

Debbie’s 14″ Bamboo Palm thrives in medium-light, and next to the window is clearly where she is meant to be. Besides its striking similarities to Bamboo, a fun fact about the Bamboo Palm is that this baby is on NASA’s list of air-purifying plants from their Clean Air Study.

It’s starting to seem like plants do more for us than we do for them!

But, we do spy a yellow soil sleuth! The sleuth is truly a staple for any plant parents’ toolbox, solving the age-old mystery of gauging how wet your PLANTZ’ soil is and allows you to water accordingly.

If you’re looking for a versatile plant – this is your guy.

Debbie's Bamboo Palm
14″ Bamboo Palm One Year Later

We were so excited to receive this update from Debbie and her beautiful Bamboo Palm, and we are eagerly awaiting our 2nd-year update!



A Kentia Palm in the Windy City

Sharon surprised her daughter, son-in-law, and grandson with a giant Kentia Palm and the Chicago family is LOVING their live addition.

Topped with Preserved Mood Moss, their 12″ Kentia is doing what it does best and making a tropical statement in their brand new Chi-Town living room!

The Kentia Palm is grown in both Florida and Hawaii, but both prefer evenly moist soil. Florida soils hold more water, while lava-rock Hawaiian soils drain more readily. Thoroughly water your Kentia for best results, and with a PlantAssure Sub-Irrigation System, this baby can go up to a month without a fuss.

Kentia’s also have one of the lowest light requirements of all palms, but keeping them in medium to bright filtered light will be best to keep your Kentia thriving, and keep your neighbors and friends jealous!

12" Kentia in Chicago Living Room
12″ Kentia in Chicago Living Room


Sharon said, “The plant looks very healthy and in good shape. My daughter, son-in-law, and grandson like this Kentia Palm very much. Thanks, again, for your help!

Thank you for sharing, Sharon! We can’t wait to keep up with this Kentia.


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Daniel is accumulating quite the plant collection in California and we are LOVING the updates that come with it!

Charlie and Ollie, Daniel’s doggies, can make anyone smile! Add PLANTZ to the mix and you get perfection.

Since we last shared Daniel’s plant journey, he has added at least half a dozen greens to the group!!!

To start simple, he went with a classic Snake Plant to compliment his office, as a low-light, low-maintenance plant that also purifies the air, it seems like a no-brainer to add one of these babies to any empty corner! Ollie and Charlie took a field trip to check this one out and, they seem impressed.

ollie and charlie snake plant
Snake Plant in a California Office

Next up, an Aglaonema and a Monstera found their forever homes in Daniel’s living room – right next to his Bamboo Palm that you might recognize!

Ollie and Charlie in the Living Room with a Bamboo Palm, Monstera, and Aglaonema
Ollie and Charlie in the Living Room with a Bamboo Palm, Monstera, and Aglaonema

Last but not least, Daniel was one of the first to get his hands on our new Fishtail Palm, and it looks fabulous among his impressive plant collection!

He reported, “The fishtail arrived early and it’s awesome! Even bigger than I expected which is always a pleasant surprise.”

Big PLANTZ are the best PLANTZ, here it is:

Daniel's Fishtail Palm in California
Fishtail Palm in California

Bonus picture of Charlie, Ollie & Co. during playtime! Thank you for always sharing your amazing pictures of your amazing PLANTZ with us, Daniel! We can’t wait to see your next pick.

PLANTZ and Pups
PLANTZ and Pups


Carl’s Connecticut Collection

PLANTZ had the pleasure of sending several green roommates to Carl in Greenwich, Connecticut!

As a dedicated plant parent, he could not choose just one (we wouldn’t either).

First up, the Tarzan is one of our favorites, and he chose a stunning arrangement for his 14″ Tarzan Tree.

Placed right next to a window in our Black Phoenix Cylinder Planter and topped with Preserved Mood Moss, Carl’s Tarzan is bound to thrive! 


14" Tarzan Tree
14″ Tarzan Tree in CT Living Room
Carl's Tarzan
Second Angle of Carl’s 14″ Tarzan

























He also went with a White Bird of Paradise to bring an elegant and tropical touch to his Connecticut home. The White Bird needs lots of light to thrive, so Carl set this baby up in front of his other large window!

WBoP in front of Window
Carl’s White Bird of Paradise

He finished his living room off by adding an Aglaonema to his end table. Also known as the Chinese Evergreen, these are one of the easiest plants to care for, and their unique patterns stand out among other greens. Carl keeps his near a window for good measure.

White Bird and Aglaonema
WBoP and Aglaonema in Carl’s Living Room

We are blown away by Carl’s Connecticut Castle and the fantastic foliage he chose to decorate with. This is his one-month check-in and we cannot wait for the next one!

He shares, “I’ve had my beautiful plants for just over a month now, and they are thriving!  Thank you,, for not only providing me with a beautiful houseplant for my living room, but for the outstanding service and support that goes along with it.  I enthusiastically recommend without reservation!

From Hawaii to New Hampshire

Massimo’s 12″ Rhapis Palm was recently delivered to his New Hampshire home all the way from Hawaii!

He is thrilled with his choice – “ I love it! Below is a picture of my beautiful new addition to my collection, I am so very pleased with my plant! This is my first time buying a plant from your company and so far very, very pleased! In fact so pleased that yesterday I ordered a second one😊!  Thank you again and again for all your help!!!” Massimo gushed!

The Rhapis does best in moderate filtered light and needs to stay on the moist side to thrive! At PLANTZ, we recommend our PlantAssure Sub-Irrigation System to be safe! Massimo did just that, and even ordered a Soil Sleuth for good measure.

We carry Lady Palm’s from Florida and Hawaii, so you get to choose the source of your new tropical tree.

Massimo's Rhapis Palm
Massimo’s 12″ Hawaiian Rhapis Palm

We are so happy to see the Rhapis Palm flourishing, and we cannot wait to see the second round of greens Massimo chose!


Fallin’ For the Ficus Audrey

A 14″ Ficus Audrey found its home all the way in California!

Ling originally ordered a smaller Audrey but decided to upgrade to the fourteen-inch Ficus instead.

The Ficus Audrey has taken the plant community and the interior design industry by storm. Fitting in just about any corner, it is easy to see why.

 The Ficus benghalensis, better known to us as ‘Audrey’, is racing to beat the Fiddle Leaf as the most popular fig because of its forgiving features and funky foliage!

Ling shared a picture of her fantastic Ficus with a note, “I’m so thrilled with my new tree and really happy I upgraded to a bigger size –  many thanks to you and the team.”

14" Ficus Audrey in CA
14″ Ficus Audrey in California

We can’t wait to watch this Ficus and its progress!

Check-In with Cleo!

Cleo joined Tamara in her home back in April, and we’re back to check on her progress!

Cleo is a 14″ Standard Tree Fiddle Leaf Fig and she is THRIVING!

Tamara knows how to care for a Fiddle, placing her right next to a large window, Cleo was bound to do well.

Cleo the Fiddle Leaf Fig
Cleo the Fiddle Leaf Fig in Washington State!

Tamara shared, “Just wanted to give you an update on how Cleo is doing. She seems to be thriving in her location. I’ve got the watering schedule down now so all is good. I spoil her with a morning spritz every day! Thanks so much for all your help!”

Also know as a Ficus lyrata, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is famous for needing lots of natural light, the perfect amount of water, and overall, a little more attention than your average greens!

We have to mention, Tamara uses a soil sleuth to keep Cleo looking this good!

The PLANTZ team can’t wait for Cleo’s next check-in!

Tamara's FLF
Tamara’s 14″ Fiddle Leaf Fig

Lisa Cane Makes it to Michigan

PLANTZ is always pleased to see our customers and their satisfaction when they finally get their hands on the greens!

Karen recently received her Lisa Cane all the way in Birmingham, Michigan and she could not be happier.

The Lisa Cane is from the Dracaena family, and happens to be one of the lowest light requirements of all of our PLANTZ! It also made the trek all the way from Hawaii, so Lisa is used to lower water levels.

Karen did a lovely job potting her Lisa Cane, and even added some of our Fiberex American Moss into the mix to perfect the presentation.

Dracaena Lisa Cane
Karen’s Dracaena Lisa Cane in MI

We can’t wait for an update on this flexible foliage!


PLANTZ Arrive in A-Town

Katy was over the moon when she received her PLANTZ package! She just moved to Atlanta and her family wanted to make sure she felt right at home – which is why they sent her a fabulous Fiddle Leaf Fig!

Also known as the ‘it’ plant, this popular plant makes the absolute perfect housewarming present.

Katy looks like a professional since she already found her Fiddle a fancy spot in front of her big window!

Katy's FLF in ATL
Katy’s Fiddle Leaf Fig in ATL

We cannot wait to see how much more this baby grows!

“Package has arrived for my granddaughter & her new condo!!!  Thank you for all your efforts!”