PLANTZcope, Which Plant Should You Buy Based on Your Astrological Sign 

Want a plant that mirrors your behavior and fits into your life seamlessly? Then let’s talk horoscopes! We want to match you with your best plant, based on what your astrological sign is. Find your sign from the list below, and we will recommend your best PLANTZ fit based on what it is!

Capricorn – Sansevieria 12/22 – 1/19

The Sansevieria or also known as the Snake Plant is continuously working overtime, not just to be pretty but also to live without your undivided attention and helping improve your quality of life while it does it.

Capricorns are known to be hard workers and persistent and driven individuals. That is precisely how we would describe the Snake Plant as well! 

The Snake Plant is one of NASA’s top picks for improving air quality in your home, so know the Sansevieria is hard at work all day long, purifying your air without you having to lift a finger. As an earth sign, the Capricorn feels grounded and rooted in their life, so get down and dirty with a Sansevieria as your newest plant friend.


Snake Plant


Aquarius – Tarzan 1/20 – 2/20

Looking for a plant that is easy going but still intricate and complex to look at? That sounds like a totally Aquarius move of you, but we do have the perfect plant fit just for this special sign! 

Check out our newest plant addition to the PLANTZ family, the Tarzan plant. This plant does not require too much work so that it will vibe well with your easy-going demeanor. That being said, it sure has a lot going on to look at, though. As the analytical thinker, you are, your eyes will be busy staring at this unique and beautiful plant trying to figure out and puzzle together how it is the way it is—a plant you can truly analyze all day long.

Many of us are familiar with the name Tarzan because of the popular Disney character who is the king of the apes. Well, you, my Aquarius are also royalty, and the Tarzan plant is the true king of the plant world, just like you, sounds like you are quite the royal pair!


Tarzana 10 in a corner


Pisces – Aglaonema 2/20 – 3/20

You are gentle, you are kind, but you are also packed with creativity wanting flow out from inside of you. Pisces people are indeed one of a kind, and that means that they stand out in a crowd because of their unique exterior and interior, just like an Aglaonema. This plant can range in an assortment of variations; the Ag is a plant that you never see a carbon copy of, just like there is no carbon copy! 

 The Ag shows its creativity and funky side through its unique patterns and colors that adorn its leaves. This plant is leafy and full of positive energy to bring the world just like you.


The "Ag" Silver Bay 14 is easy care and larger than you think!


Aries – JC Compacta 3/20 – 4/19

As a fire sign, Aries always leave an impact. Being an influence and standout is no stranger to the JC Compacta, either. This plant is similar to the Janet Craig but is spewing with happiness and confidence! Just like an Aries. The true Aries carry themselves well and knows their worth. A true confident beauty, the JC Compacta stands apart from other Dracaena, because it knows how special it is, a perfect pair for the Aries person. 

Stand firm, stand happy with your new best friend in the JC Compacta.


Compacta 10 are structural and elegant


Taurus – Fiddle Leaf Fig – 4/19 – 5/20

 Sorry Taurus, but let’s face it, you are famous for your stubbornness. With that comes a lot of positives though, such as attention detail, strong belief systems, and idealism in the world fitting your perfect picture… and it can be picture perfect just like you are, but with your new Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree! The Ficus Lyrata or Fiddle Leaf Fig is your perfect plant, and here are some reasons why. 

The Fiddle Leaf is a difficult plant; it requires a stubborn owner to not give up on it. It is tedious and meticulous, but those are things you dear Taurus excel at! No one is more determined than you. 

 That is why we think you two should pair up; we just know you are going to be the perfect plant parent to this hot ticket item and really give it the care and devotion that it genuinely needs, and others are not as equipped to provide. 


Compare the available sizes of Ficus Lyratas.

Gemini – Lisa Cane 5/21 – 6/21

 Okay, Gemini’s, you tend to be impulsive. So what better way to be spontaneous than get the biggest most extravagant indoor plant in the game… LISA CANE

The Lisa Cane is extravagant as all get out, a lot like you. It performs well in low light, so you do not have to overthink if you have the right living conditions for this plant, anywhere goes. This plant never ceases to be unique and amazing, just like you. This plant is part of the Hawaiian collection, and after making it over to the mainland, it is ready to wow with its originality and style. 

So, like you do best, don’t think just act, and you will end up with your newest favorite purchase and the most beautiful best new plant friend.


The Lisa Cane has shiny dark leaves and looks substantial in any spot.


Cancer – Ficus Microcarpa 6/21 – 7/22

You are sensitive and intuitive if your sign is Cancer. You know what someone is feeling before they even have a chance to verbalize it. Your intuition is surly a superpower to you. Cancers have a sensitive nature. You can read the genuine emotions and feelings of all of the people around you. Do you know what else is sensitive? The Ficus Microcarpa, that is why we think it is your plant soulmate!

This plant needs lots of love and lots of light to thrive due to its sensitive nature, which we are sure you’ll pick up on. We like to think this plant can sense bad juju in the air just like you. So gift it a positive living environment with lots of light, lots of water, and lots of attention in a true Cancer home.


The Microcarpa or Daniela adds alot of texture to any room.


Leo – White Bird of Paradise 7/23 – 8/22

 HOT TAMALE Leo’s are the ultimate fire sign, so let’s spice things up with your plant pick. Leo’s are very prideful and carry themselves with authentic elegance. You know your worth and timelessness, just like a White Bird of Paradise


 This plant is classically beautiful and stands out in any room with it’s over the top energy. You are not stranger to energy, and you love to absorb attention, well the White Bird is certainly attention-seeking. You can be as proud of this plant as you are of yourself! You’re larger than life personality needs a plant that can match it, and the White Bird certainly is it. 


White Bird of Paradise


Virgo – Monstera  8/23 – 9/22

As a true Earth sign, you Virgo, are a patient and compassionate human being! You are a larger than life personality, but you know when to bide your time and wait for growth in yourself. You’re just like a Monstera!

 Monsteras can grow BIG, with the right attention, care, love, and PATIENCE. If you really invest into this plant it’s big beautiful leaves will transport you to a jungle oasis; just make sure it is getting enough light and water, and you will watch this plant take new form—the true king of the jungle when it comes to transformation just like you. 


The Monstera is not a monster, its a beautiful plant.


Libra – Rhapis Palm  9/23 – 10/22

 Howdy Libras! Buckle up and let’s talk about your newest buddy, the Rhapis Palm

 You are a clever being, and that’s how we know you will mesh just dandy with the Rhapis. Did you know this Palm can literally grow in LAVA!? That sneaky plant buddy. 

 It truly knows how to think outside the box (or ground) just like you, making you indeed a dynamic duo. 


The Lady Palm requires medium light and alot of water.


Scorpio – Marginata Kiwi  10/23 – 11/22

Dear Scorpios, you are brave, daring, and do not shy away from fear or the spotlight. As a matter of fact, you prefer to be drowning in the ambiance. ⁣

With this sense of no fear and wanting to stick out, you will have ZERO problems taking care of a challenging plant and one that is truly the center of attention, like a Marginata Kiwi. ⁣

You never shy away from a crowd, so attract hoards of people with this unique plant. You and the Marginata are real individuals, making you an unstoppable pair. ⁣


The Kiwi's leaves are striking


Sagittarius – Janet Craig 11/23 – 12/22

We have our lovers of love, the Sagittarius. We think your best fit is something timeless, you are a classic individual that deserves something as effortless as you, and in this case, we believe it is the Janet Craig.

With your pure heart and good intentions, we know you will give the Janet all the love and care it needs, and in return, this plant will give you an exquisite look to your home.

You tend to be a tad old fashion, but doesn’t mean your plant has to be, yes; the Janet Craig is timeless, but with a trendy modern twist. ⁣

Janet Craig Carmen in our clients home in New York


Did you like our PLANTZscope series? Want to see more series like it? Let us know, and thanks for sticking around for it! ⁣

Mother’s Day PLANTZ Picks

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Well, search no further because PLANTZ is the way to go.

Here is a list of our top plant picks for mom this year!


A ZZ Plant. Here is why…

  • Easy to care for, little maintenance for mom down the line
  • Unique, just like your one of a kind mama
  • Low light plant, so you do not need to scope out the house to find a sunny spot for it before you purchase

This plant will make your mom smile from ear to ear at your thoughtful present.

The ZZ does well in low light.

Click Here for the ZZ Plant


Next up we have the White Bird of Paradise

  • This one is for the elegant mom, a plant that matches her demeanor
  • What better way to highlight your moms best qualities than through a plant the portrays the same
  • This plant makes a statement, so state your love with a BANG

Your mom is one of a kind, just like this plant is. Show your mother what she really means.

white bird of paradise

Follow This Link to Purchase Your New White Bird


Okay, let’s talk about the Snake Plant, also nicknamed the Mother in Law Tongue plant. Do you need the perfect present for a mother in law or a stepmom? Why not this guy.

  • It cleans air toxins
  • Hardly ever needs maintenance
  • A true survivor
  • And a heartfelt live gift for the mother figure in your life

Mother’s Day goes beyond biological mothers, show all the mother figure in your life some love.

The Snake plant is also called Mother in Law's Tongue


Time to Checkout Your Snake Plant 

Moms love pink right? How about gifting your mom a pink plant! The Marginata Colorama to be exact.

  • It is colorful and bright just like your special mother
  • Unique and stands out in a crowd… we are sure your mom relates to that one
  • It will make her the envy of all the other moms on the block

There is nothing boring about your mom and nothing boring about this plant either!

Standout With the Colorama


Is your mom’s name Lisa, or Janet, or Carmen? Get her a plant NAMED for her. We have three options for that, the Lisa Cane, the Janet Craig, and the Janet Craig Carmen.

  • A plant named for her what could be more special
  • All of these plants are great indoor plants that make a statement
  • The care is not outrageous and totally maintainable

The Lisa Cane has shiny dark leaves and looks substantial in any spot.The Janet CraigCarmen details showing yellow edges on leaves








Lisa Cane                                      Janet Craig                                        Janet Craig Carmen

Mom already has plenty of plants? That doesn’t mean those plants don’t need care essentials and accessories! First up we have our PlantAssure sub-irrigation system which is exclusive to PLANTZ. This is used to extend the plants watering intervals so that your mom has to do less plant watering, which believe us, can be tedious and time-consuming leaving her with more time to spend with you! Spend the day helping your mom install her new PlantAssure irrigation.

PlantAssure irrigation system


How about a Soil Sleuth? This is a soil probe that you can test the inside of the soil to see if it is moist enough. This is great for those tedious plants that people tend to over or underwater and just cannot seem to get right. Feeling the top layer of soil just is not enough for your indoor plants, so give your mom the best soil probe around to make watering the plants easier and more efficient.


Soil Probes
A soil probe, like the Soil Sleuth shown here, is a must for accurately judging soil moisture to determine when best to “water”.

Soil Sleuth


How about a shiny new pot to gift your mom for her special day? We have a wide selection of stylish pot that will fit right in throughout your home and have mom jumping for joy at her new aesthetically pleasing plant holder. We have pots ranging from clay, woven baskets, and many more, all pairing well with any of your green friends! These pots work indoors and on patios, so if your mom has some outdoor plants in need of some love too, we are here to help. These pots also come in different shapes and sizes, making her new pot special and custom picked by YOU!

Super durable Strong Clay Square Planter in Sky White finish Strong Clay Bottom Radius Planter in Gray Rock Super durable Strong Clay Tall Square Planter in Brown Earth finish

Different Planter Options


Want to help your mom elevate her plants to new heights?  Why not get her a plant stand to raise it up? Ranging in colors and can fit most planters for 10″ and 14″ growpots. They are easy to assemble, and you can do it together! More quality time.

Shows Light and Dark Beech Wood Planter Stands

Plant Stands for Your New Plant Friend


We hope this helped in some of your Mother’s Day shopping, and if you are a mom reading this, send this post to your family 😉.


PLANTZ Growth During COVID-19

We are proud here at PLANTZ to have been featured on Fox News 13 recently and Channel 10 CBS for what we do here, and how we have been prospering during COVID-19. The reality of this scary pandemic is that we are all stuck at home. Indoor plants provide a healthier living space, and let’s face it, a more inviting one as well and we are over the moon to be a part of this huge gardening movement that the country is seeing. Many plants help with air toxins and air quality, just one of the many reasons we have seen a spike in plant sales during such an illness driven time.

As stated by Fox News 13 there has been a “boom in the garden industry,” and we are not only grateful for it, but proud to be a part of the education on how indoor plants can improve homes, mentally, emotionally, and physically for people. Helping people and educating on plants is what we love to do most.

Bring the nature into your homes during crazy quarantine, and during #earthmonth no less!

Want to learn more about us?! Follow us on social, and keep up with our blog! Of course do not forget to check out both the Fox News 13 article and the News 10 CBS article. Thank you to both for supporting our business and thank you to all of you, our Plant People! Keep on planting!

Fox News Article

News 10 Article



Doctors Office PLANTZ

“Sending everyone at Plantz a HUGE thank you for the absolutely beautiful new addition to our reception area! The fiddle leaf fig is even more beautiful in person than I expected. The video demonstrating how to unpack the plant was extremely helpful and made the transition so much smoother.

All of our patients have asked about our new “artificial” tree and are simply amazed that it is “real and spectacular”!

So incredibly grateful for your patience, knowledge, and assistance with this purchase.”  – Valerie Philadelphia PA


So glad you love you and your patients are loving your Fiddle Leaf! We are so happy to hear that the videos were resourceful when it came to the initial unpacking of your plant! For those placing orders do not forget to check them out!


Ficus Lyrata Plant The Fidd Leaf Tree Plant interior design

Plant Gift Giving

“My mom purchased a bamboo palm tree for me back in June, which is doing beautifully! Thank you again for such a wonderful plant!” – Matthew Gargano Clayton, North Carolina

So glad your mom chose us for a gift! It looks like your plant is thriving and we are so glad you love it! Thank you for sharing.


Bamboo Palm
Bamboo Palm

A Whole Year Later

“Bought over a year ago and thriving!” – Nancy Levin Surfside Florida

Love seeing how well our customers plants are surviving, thanks for sharing a whole year later Nancy!

White Bird of Paradise
White Brid of Paradise


“I love my new fiddle leaf plant sent all the way from Florida to Rockport, Tx. It was so easy to unpack and the instructions I received were perfect. Thank you!!” – Judy Teel From Rockport Texas


We love a good plant selfie! Thanks for sharing yours with us Judy!!


Fiddle Leaf Fig
Ficus Lyrata

Fiddle Fig Friendly Frogs

“The Fiddle Leaf Fig is the best plant for frogs. If you have a love of plants and or frogs, I recommend Plantz. I had the best experience buying a plant. Not only was their service impressive, but their knowledge and informative videos helped so much. I highly recommend getting a plant from Plantz!” – Erin Cummiskey

How precious seeing not only the people that purchase our plants fall in love with them, but also all of our pets and wildlife! Thank you for sharing this heartwarming picture of your frogs enjoying your plant with us, day made.

Fiddle Leaf Frogs
Ficus Lyrata

Plantz Family Sticks Together

Here is a photo from a customer we had from a year ago! She was so nervous about caring for her plant, and she has done such a spectacular job. So proud of our Plantz family, and always know we are here every step of the way to aid you in your plant care needs and questions. There is a plant for every single person, from low maintenance, to more complex. – Chandra Tso from San Jose, CA

Kentia Palm
kentia palm in the corner

Friends Share Fondness for Fiddle Leaf Fig

Stephanie says her Ficus lyrata has enhanced her new office.


Fiddle leaf Fig in Stephanies home

Ficus Lyrata
Shannel with her Ficus lyrata at her home.

They may be separated by 800 miles, but Stephanie and Shannel are still good friends and now share a love of something else: plants.

Stephanie, a Chicago resident, saw her friend Shannel’s photo on PLANTZ – see the photo spread here – and decided to send in a photo of her Ficus lyrata, aka Fiddle Leaf Fig.

“Shannel (who lives in Stamford, CT) is a good friend of mine and I sent Sue (PLANTZ’s online plant expert) a photo as a little joke to “compete” with Shannel,” Stephanie said. “(Shannel) recently became very interested in plants and quickly turned into a wonderful plant mom who has offered me many tips and suggestions! I appreciate her (and Sue) very much.”

Stephanie recently added the Fiddle Leaf Fig to her new office. “The plant is fantastic and all of my colleagues keep commenting on how much it brightens up and adds to our space. We just moved in a couple of months ago so it was pretty barebones, but the plant is making it feel more like home! We’re so happy with it.”

Ready to welcome a plant into your home? We have all types for all manner of climates. Our online experts will not only help you pick the best plant for you, but also help with advice on caring for the plant once it arrives.

Shop our online catalog here.

PLANTZ Marks 1,000 Fiddle Leaf Fig Sale With Prize

Roslyn received a free Ficus lyrata, aka Fiddle Leaf Fig, as the 1,000th person to buy the graceful plant from PLANTZ.

A new Ficus lyrata, aka Fiddle Leaf Fig, with all the trimmings recently arrived at the home of the winner of our contest to mark the sale of our 1,000th Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Our winner, Roslyn, loves the beauty and benefits of the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

“I picked a Fiddle Fig Leaf because of its aesthetic quality and since they have broad leaves, I think it will be good to purify the air in my apartment,” she says.
She has already felt the difference.

“The air in the room is so much fresher. I also feel the room is more complete and alive.”
Roslyn got a 12-inch Ficus lyrata, soil sleuth, Dufmod basket and moss as the 1,000th customer to buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig from PLANTZ.com.

Breaking the millennial barrier on Fiddle Leaf Fig sales comes on the heels of Plantz.com shipping to all 48 lower states (and Alaska too) – a milestone we passed earlier this year.

The Fiddle Lea Fig, our top seller, has grown in popularity over the last decade, with the majestic plant a staple of home and garden magazine shoots and movies.

“It used to be that the Fiddle Leaf Figs were only available for industry insiders and designers,” says Steve Stanford, PLANTZ.com president. “When we figured out how to box them and ship them nationwide, it opened the door for plant lovers everywhere to get one. Hitting this milestone is exciting. The best part is getting customers’ reaction when they open a box and big, healthy Ficus pops out and into their homes. It’s really, really gratifying.”

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is available in three sizes in varying heights and two styles; standard tree form and bush. A standard tree is more popular while a bush will have leaves all the way to the base. The larger size (in a 14-inch grow pot) is available in tree and bush form, while the midsize (in a 12-inch grow pot) is only available as a tree and the smallest (in a 10-inch grow pot) is available as a bush.

Fancy a Fiddle Leaf Fig in your home? Check here to find out more about the stately beauty that will add a touch of elegance to any space.

PLANTZ takes Pride of Place at Atlanta Showhouse Tour

Janet Craig Carmen
ZZ Plant

What better way to show off a home than adding a little green?

Veteran interior designer Katja Lauterbach certainly thought so when she took on the job of decorating a home for Atlanta Magazine’s Home Modern Style Showhome tour. Needing a few quality plants for the prestigious tour, Katja turned to PLANTZ.

Katja’s design featured two Janet Craig Carmens, two ZZ plants and a Giganta Palm, all in 10-inch grow pots. The home tour was part of the Modern Atlanta Design Festival in June which showcases the latest in modern design in Atlanta.

The designer had no qualms about picking PLANTZ for the Showhome tour, which drew thousands of visitors. She’s had a Monstera from PLANTZ in her home for almost a year. “It came in perfect condition. I then ordered a Fiddle Leaf Fig for a client for a project and had the same (great) experience.”

Katja favors greenery in her projects “so that’s why I went to PLANTZ for help with Modern Style Showhome.”

Her design drew an overwhelmingly positive response from the more than 1,200 people who toured the home she was chosen to design, one of several on the tour. “(The public) loved it. They loved that we had plants in our design with some people even asking if the plants were real.”

Plants will continue to play a role in her future designs says the European native. Not only do they add life “but they go with every design,” Katja says.

You can catch Katja’s design in the fall issue of Atlanta Magazine which is available online here.

You can also visit Katja’s website here.

Fancy dabbling in a “green” interior design? Check out our catalog here.