We didn’t spend a lot on attorneys, so we hope you’ll appreciate the straightforwardness (that’s the biggest word we’ll use):

Extreme Temperature Shipping Notice

Temperatures at and below freezing and above 85 degrees can damage and ruin tropical foliage. Some shipments may be delayed if it is expected to experience very low or very high temperatures in transit or at the destination address.

Terms and Conditions

If you’re using our site, you agree to our terms and conditions (and we can change them if we want or need to).


We respect your privacy and won’t collect any information from you that you don’t give us – except for customary information collected in cookies used to enhance your browsing experience and data logged on our server indicating a time/date/IP address stamp of your visit.  Any information you give us will not be used outside our company; and any information retained by us will be kept in a secure manner using encryption technologies and commercial security measures.  While we’re using reasonable efforts to protect your data, no system is 100% secure and we don’t represent that we’re hack-proof – so, with that, you are providing your information at your own risk.


The content of our entire site is ours.  Any use of any portions of our site without permission is an infringement of our rights (and we’ll find you).

Plant Promise

We promise to carefully package and ship the freshest plant available meeting the approximate dimensions of the size/type of plant you order.  The plant will perform well provided you follow our care guidelines and cautions regarding light, watering, and temperature extremes.

We’re shipping live plants, and we further promise they will have imperfections brought to you by Mother Nature.  These include (but certainly aren’t limited to) spotting on leaves, browning/yellowing of leaf margins, and even some asymmetry that humans may not be accustomed to.  So, if you’re looking for a plant that is perfectly shaped and has no spots on its leaves, you should get a silk plant; if you want a nice, beautiful, imperfect, oxygen-producing live plant, you can get a great one from us.

Packaging, Shipping, Refunds, Returns, and General Happiness

Shipping outside the Tampa Bay area is done through FedEx.  Our packaging techniques have passed FedEx’s “drop test”.  If your plant is damaged in transit, please contact us at [email protected] immediately and keep all packaging materials.  When you contact us, please –

  • Provide Tracking Number / Order Number.
  • Photo of FedEx label.
  • 2-3 Photos showing the condition of the box.
  • 1-2 Photos showing the condition of the plant

When necessary, we will file a claim with FedEx and issue the damage call tag to have the package and plant picked up.

All this shipping business is expensive – we realize that – and we’ve partnered with FedEx to get good rates.  Most of the plants we ship are packaged in big boxes, with dimensions that exceed FedEx averages.  We’re simply acknowledging that it’s a significant part of the overall sales price of our plants – we get it.  But our bet is that the overall price, combined with the convenience of having a beautiful plant delivered to your doorstep, is less expensive and/or easier than it is to get it locally in many markets.  Just sayin’.

Please note, however, that packaging and shipping live plants is some science and some art, and even during ideal conditions, we can’t guarantee that a leaf or two won’t be broken or lost in transit.  If this happens, and the plant still meets your expectations, please place the plant properly and care for it properly and let the leaves grow back; if, however, you are dissatisfied with the condition of the plant, please contact us.  We will figure out a way to remedy the damage, replace the plant, or offer a full or partial refund.  Our goal is for you to be happy with your plant.  If you are not happy, please contact us; if you are happy, please feel free to contact us too, and send us pictures of the happy you with your plant and we’ll happily post it on our site and social media.  PS – if you send us pictures, you’re giving us permission to use them and your name on our site and other social media…and thanks!

If you do qualify, and we agree to ship you a replacement plant, you must sign-up and participate in the FedEx Delivery Manager program.  This is a program provided by FedEx that will help you manage the time and date of your delivery and even divert the delivery to one of FedEx’s many shipping points like over 8,000 Walgreens stores and other retail locations.  This can be particularly important if you’re experiencing inclement weather and a controlled delivery point is desired.

Post-Sale Support

After getting a plant from us, you are responsible for keeping it alive and we cannot be held responsible if you kill it, or cause it to become near dead or very ugly.  Of course, you will be starting with a strong, healthy plant that’s been acclimated for use indoors, and we will be providing as much expertise as possible to keep your plant thriving and lasting for years to come, but we can’t be responsible for its demise if you do any of these things to it:

  • Give it too much water.
  • Give it too little or no water.
  • Expose it to extreme temperatures.
  • Place it in direct sunlight.
  • Keep it in a low light area for too long.

We offer post-sale support by phone and email, and sometimes you can catch us in a Live Chat session on the website.  The best way to start a support session is by sending an email to [email protected]  Please be prepared to send your order number, pictures of your plant and its surroundings and a description of the circumstances.

Please note from above, the first two points have to do with watering – too much and too little.  Getting the watering regimen right is the most critical cultural practice for starting your plant off in its new home.  If you water incorrectly, the other factors become irrelevant.  To that end, we have developed a Watering Guide that you’ll need to review before we can help you.  And, from the guide, you’ll see the most important tool for watering correctly is our Soil Sleuth.  It’s a type of soil probe and there are other brands.  For us to help you with watering, you must have a Soil Sleuth or similar soil probe.  We highly recommend you include one with your order.  If you missed it with your order, we offer incentives for you to get one post-sale – please contact us at [email protected] for details.  WE WILL BE UNABLE TO HELP YOU WITH WATERING ISSUES UNLESS YOU HAVE A SOIL PROBE.

Lastly, your plant will die one day.  Our job it to help you make that day as far in to the future as possible.  So, if you kill your plant, we will be happy to replace it with another at full price.

Returns for Planters and Supplies

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with a planter or supplies you purchase from us, you can return the item for a full refund provided they’re not damaged by you or, in the case of our liquid fertilizers, unsealed by you.  You will, however, incur the expense of the return shipping costs.  If a planter or supplies are damaged when being shipped to you, we will either 1) issue a full refund or, 2) replace the item at our cost.

Tampa-Area Pick-Up

If you select this option, you will need to pick up your plant at 6202 Eugene St, Tampa, FL 33619 – please use the 62nd Street entrance (west gate). You will be notified when your order is ready and you will have 2 business days to get it. We’re open Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 4:00ish. Your plant will be sleeved, but not boxed; so you will need a vehicle large enough to get your plant inside it. Transporting your new plant in the back of a pickup truck is not recommended. Tampa-area customers may also select ‘FedEx Ground’ and, depending on your address, we will deliver it aboard one of our vehicles or let FedEx handle it. Either way, the same shipping charges apply.